Without any warning the NYC Parks Department bulldozed the Ben Soto Skatepark on Staten Island. The ramps needed some maintance work but were not anywhere beyond repair. A couple of thousand dollars would have done the job. Instead a $650,000 park was thrown in a dumpster, at a demolition cost that was probably more than the cost of repair.

To try and appease people they are taking old picnic tables and planters from other parks around the city and dropping them in the now empty space.

The locals need your support to push for a proper park to replace what was destroyed. Join they’re facebook page.

You can check a video from NY1 about the park here.

Read this story that Ran in the Newspaper about the shady demo of the park.

$kapegoat negative one

As you may have already heard, Mike Tag was recently diagnosed with cancer and FBM has set up a fund for him, you can go there by clicking HERE. This is the first of a few projects we will be putting out to help raise money for Tag’s medical bills.  Mike was literally there when animal started, there is footage of us riding a blue skatepark in South Carolina in the edit, after the session we went camping and Ralph decided to start the company. Also there is a clip in this edit where a cop car pulls up to us riding a kinked rail, we were taken to county jail and charged with criminal trespass and destruction of government property in Clarke county Georgia. There are a million crazy stories to go along with this footage, and I hope you enjoy a small glimpse into a very exciting few years of traveling.  This footage was filmed between 1999 and 2002. If anyone is interested in getting this on DVD or any of the other Skapegoat videos email me at