Hurricane Sandy Viewing Material

If you’re stuck home bored waiting for this hurricane to get the hell through the Northeastern U.S. and haven’t yet been engulfed by the Atlantic Ocean, still have power, and/ or haven’t seen Foreign & Domestic yet, go download it HERE and watch our newest video with Max, Hoder, and the rest of the squad.

Dig Travel Issue


Dig just released issue #91, the Travel Issue, and has a trip to Istanbul, Turkey with Nigel and Ralphy (thanks to Darkside Distribution for making that happen), Edwin talks about his horrendous experience going overseas for the first time to Japan with George D. ten years ago, and Jared has a photo and some words about a local spot in New Brunswick that he’s been riding since  back when he rode this bike. Once Hurricane Sandy is outta here and if the warehouse is still standing, we should be receiving copies soon to send out free to all shops, and with any online orders.

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