Butcher On PBS

Butcher was on a PBS news program recently (starts at 3:00). It’s pretty much what you’d expect from a TV news show, but it does have some great old footage of Butcher killing it over the past 15 years in it, and his The Block Shop gets a little shine time also.

Dave McDermott’s Indestructible Front Wheel


Recently, our Floridian surfing hippy Affiliate Dave McDermott told a story about his front Javelin hub:
“I built up this wheel about two years ago while I was in New Jersey. The next day I found that i-beam over the loading gap dock. We went to go shoot that smith, it took me like twenty tries, and all my spokes broke and was completely trashed in a half hour. I had to re-lace the hub, but it’s still going. The marks from that are still on it.”

You can see the clip he’s talking about in his awesome Skavenger 2012 part, at 1:48.
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