Dave McDermott’s Indestructible Front Wheel


Recently, our Floridian surfing hippy Affiliate Dave McDermott told a story about his front Javelin hub:
“I built up this wheel about two years ago while I was in New Jersey. The next day I found that i-beam over the loading gap dock. We went to go shoot that smith, it took me like twenty tries, and all my spokes broke and was completely trashed in a half hour. I had to re-lace the hub, but it’s still going. The marks from that are still on it.”

YouTube Preview Image
You can see the clip he’s talking about in his awesome Skavenger 2012 part, at 1:48.
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Ain’t Scared Of A Little Rain

Ok, so maybe it rained last night. A lot. You can’t fight Mother Nature. If you missed out on the session under the FDR at 23rd Street last night, don’t worry, there’s going to be a new date for the jam soon; keep an eye out for more info.