Butcher Bike Check


This is my new Hoffman Bikes Condor frame. It’s crazy how things go in cycles. Before I was ever a pro or sponsored or anything I rode a cracked condor frame that I got from my friend Bob. I loved that bike. Mat Hoffman and the crew came through to the Bethlehem Superdome (a house a bunch of pros lived in ie. Joe Rich,Taj, Luc-e, Mel Cody, Sandy Carson, and Dan Price.) for the first year of the X-Games to pick up Taj Mihelich on their way. I hung out and stayed there a lot and eventually moved in. Mel Cody and these guys said “Hey show Matt the Butcher and Bob video”  A video we made for fun of ourselves and joked it was a sponsor me tape that we never sent anywhere. The video had us riding everything, I rode Posh everyday back then and rode trails a lot. Mat was and still is a hero of mine, I would always try to do tricks he did on vert on dirt and my own stuff too. During the video I did a trick the toadstool which was a trick he invented and asked to rewind it. I couldn’t believe it I was so psyched. Then after he asked me if I wanted a new frame. I was like hells yea! Now all these years later I hit up Matt to see what was up with a purple condor frame how could I hook one, he said he thought he had one in his garage he could send me. I was so hyped! So now I got a Condor frame again and I love it. It feels great! Thanks Mat! – Butcher

Photos by: @chrismarshallphoto

Bike Specs:

Hoffman bikes condor 21″ tt.

Forks: Animal

Headset: Animal

Stem: Animal jump off lmt.


Bars: Animal big four.

Grips: Animal Edwin.

Seat: Animal pivotal.

Post: Animal wedge.

BB: Animal.


Cranks: Animal akimbo.

Pedals: Hamilton plastic.

Front hub: animal javelin.


Rear hub: cult freecoaster.

Rims: Animal.

Tires: Animal glh 2.1. Front and rear