Jeff Kocsis Bike Check

LJresizeHIGHCheck in for a night session with Animal Bikes lifer, Jeff Kocsis, and find out what parts he trusts to bring his signature steeze to the streets!  Catch some words from the man himself and pics of the whip below.

Hey everyone just wanna say in advance thanks for taking the time out and reading about my bike and why I ride what I do…..

My bike has been split perfectly into two of the most respectable hard working companies in BMX, Animal and United. They produce toughest and most durable parts that do not sacrifice style.

I ride the United Region frame 20.75. I was given the opportunity to create the decals and color way for this year. The whole project from start to finish was surreal for me. Along with that excitement, I have been testing out some of Animal’s newest and best parts to date. The 165mm Akimbo cranks feel unstoppable. Lightweight, but tough for the next generation. The infamous GLH tires are a constant and flawless even after 14 months of abuse. Last but not least my signature grip that will be available later this year. We worked hard to bring out one of the best new grips in the market. Hopefully everyone will love the soft simple grip as much as I do.

Jeff Kocsis

Parts list :

Frame: United Region Jeff 20.75 Black

Fork: United Supreme Black

Stem: Animal Top Load

Bars: United G-Slatts Black

Hubs: Animal Javelin

Rims: Animal RS Rims

Tires: Animal GLH 2.25

Cranks: Animal Akimbo’s 165mm

Pedals: Animal Hamilton Plastics

Sprocket: Animal M5 28t

Seat: United

Post: Animal

Photos by Chris Marshall.


Martin Ochoa Bike Check


Riding around NYC is the best to me. No matter what time it is, there will always be something open. There’s always places to shred. Bodegas are one of the most essential places for riding around, always open for if you’re in a need of a drink or snack it’s never a problem. Just like how I like my bike, simple and always working. For me, there’s nothing like riding a set of Animal parts on your bike. Always super solid, always reliable. I’ve had this setup for about 4 months now and it’s holding up amazing, no problems at all. If there’s anything I could change on my bike now would be the frame to a Skavenger.  – Martin Ochoa

Bike Specs:

Frame – Fly Shane Weston 20.6

Bars – Animal Empire State Bars (Colin Varanyak Signature) 9.5 / 30 inch

Stem – Animal Front Load

Rims – Animal

Front Hub – Animal Javelin

Rear Hub – Animal Javelin Cassette LHD

Tires – Animal GLH, 2.30

Pegs – Animal Lino OG pegs XL

Sprocket – Animal V2 22t

Chain – Animal Hoder Chain

Seat Post– Animal

Seat – Animal Cush

Photos by Chris Marshall