Andrew Castaneda – Welcome to the Pro Team

We are pleased to announce that Andrew Castaneda will join the pro team for 2017.
Andrew began riding almost a decade ago in Santa Ana, California. “The BMX scene was so tight. We’d ride around Civic Center all day just hitting up spots. We eventually got cars and ever since we’d just drive around So-Cal on the hunt for them gem spots. Being able to ride the Santa Ana banks before the remodel was a blessing, RIP!”
Andrew brings a smooth, but raw Cali style to the team that speaks for itself. “Growing up, I appreciated a rider with style. Chase DeHart and Eddie Cleveland influenced my riding. These dudes changed the way people rode their bikes.”
“I remember having a shit Dyno bike, but I’d always cop some purple Edwin grips. Now being able to ride for an OG company like Animal is tight AF!”
We are more than hyped to have Andrew be a part of the Animal family and look forward to the future. Be on the look out for more from Andrew in 2017.
Welcome to the team Homie!
Photos by Harrison Boyce