Grindhouse Terror Trailer

Grindhouse “Terror” Trailer a BMX video by freedombmx

In between doing wild tailwhip combos and computer programming for a bank, Max Gaertig has been quietly working on his latest video, Grindhouse Terror; here’s the trailer for it.

If you haven’t seen Grindhouse 1 yet; cop it HERE. Freedom BMX posted an interview with Max about the new video HERE. If you can’t read German, here’s a rough Google Translate translation below, though no guarantees for accuracy:

“Hey Max,  what have you been up to?
I was injured after an Wethepeople Rain or Shine project last year. But luckily I have healed up for my month-long trip Australia back in December and had a super time there. In addition, I was able to shoot a few clips with the Australians and had enough chill time to finalize the editing for Grindhouse 2. Australia is really awesome. Sun and summer in December / January! Currently I am still trying to get used to the “real” work. But I’ve been lucky with my new job and the work there does definitely fun. It will also soon have a new Animal project. Overall, I’m most looking forward to the whole BMX trips that are due this year!

Grindhouse Terror is going on the internet. In our last conversation about Grindhouse 1 you more pronounced against web videos. Why the change of heart?
My statement in that respect I can not remember, possibly  said a very long ago? So basically I think it’s cool to be able to always watch videos, even if you do not have Internet access or even can find the right site. If you can download web videos always in the future, well then I’m finally convinced. I would also like to pay for it, ha ha.

You originally targeted 2013 as a release date. Why has it took a bit longer before “Grindhouse Terror” was finished?
Too much BMX, and too little work towards filming / editing, haha.

Have you flown  halfway around the world again for your new video, or were you more local this time?
Less traveling, at least compared to the time when I filmed for the last video. This is probably one of the reasons why I filmed less clips. There are similar places and spots as in the last video, for example, like Australia and Portland (Oregon).

What rider parts can we look forward to?
Riders with with many clips include Sebastian Anton, Slaytanic Tom, Grassmuck, myself, Pete Sawyer, Oli Landgraf, Billy and Thomas Calcagno. The whole thing has more of a mixtape character, so there’s no full parts like last time. The rough breakdown is as follows: FFM, International (especially Australia), and Bonn.”