Johnny Raekes Bike Check

After Johnny Raekes’ last edit, “No Sleep Out East”, it’s safe to say he’s solidified himself as one of the top amateur riders in the game! Johnny is at the forefront of progression, pushing the crankflip into never before seen combos! We caught up with Johnny to see what he’s riding, and why! Check it out.

Frame: Fiend Colin 21

Forks: Animal 26mm offset

Bars: Animal Empire State 9.5

Stem: Animal Inverse

Headset: Fiend

Grips: Fiend

Front wheel: Fiend cab flangeless

Tires: Animal GLH 2.3

Seat post: Fiend

Seat: Fiend JJ tripod

Cranks: Fiend 160

Pedals: Mark Gralla Rat Trap Pedals

Sprocket: Fiend Colin 25t

Chain: Animal Hoder Chain

Back wheel: Fiend Cab coaster

Bottom bracket: Fiend

Pegs: Animal Benny L

What parts on your bike are you most psyched on right now and why?

I’d say I’m most hyped on the new Rat Trap pedals. They have a nice wide platform with a perfect amount of pins. They feel so good for things like tailwhips and crankflips. The wide platform makes it a lot easier to catch pedals and to spot your pedals when they come around.

How do the Rat Trap Pedals compare to Pedals you’ve run in the past?

The Rat Trap pedals have to be my favorite pedals I’ve ever had. Other pedals that I’ve tried in the past have had a really small platform, making it uncomfortable for my feet. I always wished I had a pedal with more pins as well, and the Rat Traps are exactly that. They have a great sized platform and a lot more pins than the average pedal. The corner pins are perfect, so often with other pedals if you land a little sideways or with your feet a little bit out of place you’ll slide right off. But with the corner pins your feet stay locked on, even when over rotating a 3 or catching a whip with your feet a bit out of place.

You recently switched over to GLH tires in the front and back, how have they been feeling?

Ya I’d always loved how the GLH tires looked and have always heard about how long lasting they are. So it was really exciting to throw them on, I haven’t ridden them for very long yet but I’ve been loving them so far.

You’re riding Colin Varanyak’s signature Empire State Bars, what are your favorite things about them?

I’ve been riding Colin’s Empire State bars for quite awhile now. I recently went up to the 9.5 rise which is the tallest I’ve ever ran and have been loving them. I’ve honestly never paid attention much to bar geometry but I’ve always loved the way these bars have felt and looked ever since I first got them.

What are some specifics of how you like your bike set up?

The thing I’m most picky about on my bike is how responsive it feels. The Varanyak frame really helps with just about everything I do, the short back end makes everything so much quicker and easier. My cranks and chain always have to be loose. It feels so good being able to do crankflips without ever worrying about if they will come around or not. That feeling is never really possible with a really tight chain or cranks. Short cranks, plastic pegs, and a top load stem are also essentials for my bike.