Martin Ochoa Bike Check


Riding around NYC is the best to me. No matter what time it is, there will always be something open. There’s always places to shred. Bodegas are one of the most essential places for riding around, always open for if you’re in a need of a drink or snack it’s never a problem. Just like how I like my bike, simple and always working. For me, there’s nothing like riding a set of Animal parts on your bike. Always super solid, always reliable. I’ve had this setup for about 4 months now and it’s holding up amazing, no problems at all. If there’s anything I could change on my bike now would be the frame to a Skavenger.  – Martin Ochoa

Bike Specs:

Frame – Fly Shane Weston 20.6

Bars – Animal Empire State Bars (Colin Varanyak Signature) 9.5 / 30 inch

Stem – Animal Front Load

Rims – Animal

Front Hub – Animal Javelin

Rear Hub – Animal Javelin Cassette LHD

Tires – Animal GLH, 2.30

Pegs – Animal Lino OG pegs XL

Sprocket – Animal V2 22t

Chain – Animal Hoder Chain

Seat Post– Animal

Seat – Animal Cush

Photos by Chris Marshall