Interview with Osso and Kie Ashworth about the OD In Oz Australia trip in 2011
Trip photos: Dave Rubinich

Who was on the trip?
Osso: Myself, Tom White, Nigel Sylvester, Garret Hoogerhyde, and Mike Brennan from the U.S. Kie Ashworth and Gonz joined us once we arrived in Australia, alongside Jason Cousins, Dave Rubinich and Kane Chappel on Stowaways behalf.


When did it go down?
Osso: Winter 2011. It was freezing cold here and summer time there. it was perfect.


Where did you go on the trip?
Osso: Flew into Sydney, then drove to Canberra and then Melbourne.


What was your favorite spot on the trip?
Osso: Probably the boardwalk spot in Melbourne. It was right next to the beach and started out just like any other boardwalk but then who ever designed it decided to make it come out of the floor pretty much. It turned into an elevated walkway/bench thing. It was perfect to ride as a bank pyramid set up and too much fun.

Kie: Probably Canberra, I think it was the city; all these spots were so close it seemed like one place. I had been there before, but never really ridden it or as much as we did on this trip. Jack O’Reilly showed us around to some really good spots.


Why did this trip happen?
Osso: Because I never went to Australia, ha. We had big support from our distributor out there and bringing the team there was a great idea. Thanks Stowaway!!!


Most memorable moment?
Osso: Everyone on the trip sitting on this grass hill right across from the Sydney opera house. We had such a good day, and we all decided to chill for a little and catch our breath. I just remember sitting there thinking, “wow, how the hell did I end up here today?!” BMX is crazy sometimes.


Kie: I’ve tried for ages now to come up with one moment, and I can’t. The trip in a whole, like such a big group of guys in Oz for the first time, everyone was always together hanging out so many laughs; I just remember always thinking to myself how good this is. It was just one of those trips.


Osso, how bad was your jet lag?
Osso: Zombie is the best way to describe it. I think we flew in around 6 or 7 in the morning. We checked into our hotel and went to the beach. Everyone said the best thing to do was tough it out and stay up the whole day so we adjusted to the new time schedule. It took about 3 days to get up to speed with that. Ha.


How many kangaroos did you meet?
Osso: Saw two huge ones dead on the side of the highway. Ha, ha. We did not see any hopping along the way. We did see a koala bear sleeping in a tree one night. We threw a branch close to it and it woke up, made a weird noise and ran off.


Favorite city?
Osso: Melbourne; it had anything you could possibly want to ride. Architecture is amazing there and that’s what makes it so great to ride.

Kie: Also Melbourne for sure; everyone loved it there. Always such a good stop, amazing city with lots of spots and the city itself has so much to offer. That’s were the guys got a good didgeridoo session in, and with the help from Beachy Tom, acquired a good one to bring home.


Kie, How was it having Tom, Osso, and everyone in your home country and riding with those guys?
Kie: It was amazing, at first I couldn’t believe they were really gonna do an australian trip, then it took a while to fully understand I was going to be apart of that. Riding with them was fun, it’s always a good time with those guys.


Worst thing about the trip?
Osso: The first place we stayed at was a hostel right by the beach.  One room, one window, ten bunk beds, and no air Conditioning! Just two fans that could barely spun, ha.

Kie: The hotel at Bondi Beach; the place wasn’t bad, but the weather was roasting hot and there was no air-conditioning. Osso took sheets and pillows an slept on the beach, it was so hot. On the last morning I woke up and noticed Blanco was sleeping under a sheet. He never told anyone he was getting this wind draft from the window and was fuckin’ cold! I couldn’t even believe it, I was on the floor almost dead.


Best thing about the trip?
Kie:I think the best thing about the trip was how well everyone could travel together. It can be tough living on the road, especially with people you might not know. Personalities sometimes clash. This trip was perfect, everyone was awesome, everyone got along great, I made life long friends that trip.

Osso: Pretty much everything: food, spots, cities, beaches, and most of all the people/riders. So far away from home but everyone made it feel like we were close neighbors. Cheers mates!!






Footage from the trip is in QSS 5, both in Tom’s part at 16:10, and the trip section that follows starting at 18:14.