What was going on in your life then?
It was 2008. I was living with Den-Den and his pops over in Southside Allentown.   Drinking a lot (Laughter).  It was a little hectic at the time.

You still had the Toyota Celica then?
Yeah, I loved that car.  I wish I still had it.  It took me everywhere. That thing was badass.  I’d drive that thing like a madman, like it was a tank.  Destroyed it all the time, had to fix it all the time; it was cool because I always could fix it.  Eventually I had to sell it because I had suspended license and had to pay some fines. I miss it.

What was the deal with the gap to rail?
I remember looking at it for a while, driving past the school but never really stopped at. One day I ended up stopping and looking at it. It’s kind of a scary rail.  I was kind of waiting for something good to come along, like you (Rob) taking a photo of it.  So we figured out a day to meet up. You were taking a little while, on Dolecki time. (Laughter) I had a 40 at home, chillin’. I ended up going to the bar, drank a few more. You call later, and are like, “I’m here.” I was like, “Oh, shit, man, I almost forgot.” We met up at the school. I had never been to the spot at night.

So you intended on doing it during the day?
Yeah, I didn’t really think about it being dark at night. (Laughter) We were there; it still looked good to me.

How did it look good to you? It didn’t look very good to me. (Laughter)
I don’t know. I was in a good mood, and I had it set to do it. It came down to it, and I realized it was really dark and I couldn’t a fucking thing. The one light there was actually behind me; I stood in front of the rail and it was a big shadow from me on the rail.

The run-up was terrible too.
The run-up was shitty.  There was a little bit of concrete before the rail, but there was a big crack right where you would hop from. I tried to put dirt and sticks and rocks and things in there. It seemed like it was going to be OK. I remember when I actually did it, my tire marks weren’t even on the stuff I set up. I actually bumped off the crack anyway; it was kind of pointless. It all worked out. (Laughs) I had it in my mind I was going to do it; I was still feeling good. I didn’t feel any bad vibes from it, so I was like, “I’m doing it.”  I remember you thought I wasn’t going to do it; you said, “Are you sure? I could come back or whatever.” I was like, “Yeah, yeah, I’m going to do it, just set up.” You got set up, and I’m, “Alright, I’m going to do it. ” (Laughs) I was staring down the rail, and could sort of see it. When you’re going at it, you definitely can’t see it.  I went back and it all worked out first try; rode through the bush at the end. I remember watching the video footage (which is in Butcher’s Cuts section), and it was blurry and dark. (Laughter) Bob had to brighten it up, and it still looked shitty as hell. It’s funny because people complain, “Oh, the video footage looks so dark and shitty.” Here’s the deal- if the footage looks shitty, guess what: it looked even more shitty out when I was actually doing it. Just imagine what I was seeing. If you can even tell what was going on, hey, great. I couldn’t even tell what was going on when doing it. That makes it that much cooler. (Laughter) I just busted out the camera, didn’t have a light, or even cleaned the lens. (Laughter)  That’s how we do it.

How did you feel about the ad being for pegs, and you were doing a rail ride? (Laughter)
That was kind of funny. It doesn’t really matter. I’ve done tons of grinds.  If anyone does know who I am, they probably know that I grind.  I don’t even care. It’s for Animal; Animal rules.

Butcher’s Cuts part; the gap to rail ride clip is in there.