Edwin’s part from the first Animal video.

What was going on in your life during the time when you filmed this part (released in 2001)?
I was 15 or 16 and living at my mom’s house, about to drop out of school.

How did getting on Animal, and filming for your first Animal section come about? Wormz started getting hooked up first, and I eventually met up with (Jeff) Z. at some point. He asked me if I wanted a package, then I was on Animal. It wasn’t crazy, just started filming for the next year and a half.

With Jeff?
Mostly Jeff, and some with Bob too. Jeff was coming out to NY all the time, and I was going out to Jersey and staying at his house; me and Vinnie would roll out there for the weekend.

This was your first video part ever?
I’m pretty sure Ride’s Turbulence came out before the first Animal video.

How did the song choice come about?
Bob picked it.  He picks everything. (Laughter)

You crank-flipped the Water St. gap in NYC (at 00:54), and over ten years later, you’re still coming up with new moves for the gap. Does the gap seem any different today compared to back then?
I guess it was scarier when I first jumped it when I was like 13 or 14. It’s still scary, you don’t want to case and get fucked up. (Laughter) I should have done the 360 years before. I was just so happy that it just happened that day.

How often did you ride the Brooklyn banks during that time period?
A lot. Probably like six days a week. I don’t know; that was when everyone was chillin’ at Union Square.  You would be at the Banks, then go to Union to chill. It was only a ten-minute ride; we were back and forth all the time. It was a sick spot.  Now that it’s gone, you realize how good the spot is.

Are you anticipating the Banks opening again at some point?
Yeah, I can’t wait. It’s a good spot to chill, meet up with people, get stuck at. (Laughter)

The Vortex.
The vortex of the banks. They got a good bodega up the street. It should be cool when it opens up again.

There are a few clips in Miami you were riding Vic Ayala’s bike; why did you ride his bike during most of that trip?
Something happened to my bike, I forget what it was.

If you could bring back one spot in your section that’s gone now, which would it be and why?
A park in Brooklyn; it’s a cobblestone bank to wall.  It had a crazy rail setup that should have gotten used for what it was back then, and it never happened.

Courtesy of Jeff Zielinski/ Ride BMX. This photo was used for an early Animal t-shirt design, and became one of the most classic designs ever made.

Are you hyped the infamous Animal van (Madza MPV) made a cameo appearance (at 01:54) driving past in the background?
Yeah, it was a sick van. Went on a lot of road trips in that van; cross country, slept in it.

What’s your favorite clip?
Crooked grind on the white rail.

What’s your least favorite clip?
There’s always some shit I don’t like. Up the Rutger’s rail to manual 180; I didn’t do the 180 off a curb.  The 180 over the rail at the Banks sucks too. It was one take; I wasn’t going to do it again. That was before Vic (Ayala) took (the term) indian givers to a new level and shit got real strict, where everybody had to abide or deal with the consequences and get laughed at.

What was your favorite spot ridden in the part?
Peco rail in Philly.  I didn’t get to ride it much.

Where was farthest place you traveled while filming for it?

Where else was your section filmed?
New York, Philly, Jersey, Miami, and Richmond, Virginia.

What clip took the quickest to film?
The 180 over the Banks rail.

What clip are you most proud of?
The last couple of clips at Peco; to have been able to ride it and have some clips on the rail before it was gone. I can watch the part now and look back on it.

How did it feel to have the opening section in this video?
It felt great; the first or last part is a real honor.  I didn’t even know about it; it was just a whole bunch of homes kicking it, and then the video came out.

What’s your best memory from your section?
Everything; it was cool just meet to up with everyone, just riding around, and we ended up filming some shit.

Unused clips from Edwin’s part.