What was going on in your life then?
I don’t know; it was a long time ago. For some reason I went on a trip to Barcelona with a bunch of people I didn’t know.

Who else was on that trip to Barcelona?
It was interesting meeting Brian Kachinsky, Miles Rogoish, Rooftop, Glenn (Milligan), and Fernando. Kachinsky did some wild stuff; that gap to grind was crazy (in his Dig interview).

Was that the first time you had gone out of the country for a bike riding trip?
Yeah. Barcelona is a pretty cool place. There’s a lot of stuff to ride. Even if you don’t do anything, it’s still fun. There are banks everywhere; that’s why I like Austin too. Every corner you turn, there’s some kind of banks.

What was your favorite spot there?
None of them. I liked all of them. I’d have to say the one spot with the mounds. We came across that spot by someone trying to show me another spot and riding right past it. (Laughter) I’m like, “Why are you riding past this?”  What was he going to show me? It may have been some 20-stair handrail. He might have mistaken me for Lino, and expected me to feeble grind it. You should put that in there. (Laughter) Lino told me a story once that people brought him to like a 20 stair steep skinny handrail, and say, “You could feeble it, right?”

The footage was in Skapegoat 5?
Yeah, most of the footage from that trip was in there.
Skapegoat 5; Garret’s Barcelona trip footage start at 9:00.

Why did you want to use that pic for an ad?
I just like that spot. I think I felt like I could 180 bar out of it. I always wanted to go there, and the stage spot Bob half-cabbed into. That spot is gone now, though.

The half-cab spot in Bob’s Can I Eat? part at 1:08.

Anything else you want to say about Barcelona?
I want to go back.

A couple of clips from the trip made it into Garret’s Cuts part.