When was the photo for the ad taken?
Like 2005. (June 23, to be exact, and the ad ran in Dig Issue #51:)

That was your second Animal ad?

What was going on in your life?
Just graduated high school. (Laughs) I actually remember that day; I had just gotten back from the beach. I met up with Chris Reyes and everybody, and went and filmed that with Bob. George D. was playing a show in New Brunswick, and went straight to that after.

I remember the show was in some basement, near the grease trucks.
Yeah. I just remembered now.

Footage from later that evening, in All Day.

How many tries did it take?
I remember it wasn’t that many. It was in a line, probably like five tries?

Round rail feebles don’t seem to be a common trick for you.
I don’t really do many rail feebles in general.  It’s my least favorite trick to do on a rail; it’s pretty sketchy. I feel more comfortable doing them switch on rails for some reason. That one seemed to work out pretty good.

How many have you done?
I don’t know; like two? Not many.

It was on the infamous black rail.  What number trick was that for you on it?
I have no idea. That was five years deep into grinding that rail. It was my first rail. It was in the old footage section in Can I Eat?; I grinded it on a Hoffman Taj with Love Handles.  I came at it on a ninety-degree angle; it was pretty weird.

Do you miss the rail from when before it was knobbed?
The rail is still good, I miss being able to land tricks on it; the last seven times I’ve tried stuff I wasn’t successful! So F the black rail!

How often do you hit it up now?
I actually haven’t ridden it in like a year; I’m actually trying to go there in the next few weeks.

Jared’s part in All Day.

Anything else you want to add?
It was during the filming of All Day, so it was a good time. Just chilling all summer, riding, filming that. It was around the same time filming for the Rodeo Peanut video. It was right before I cut my dreads off. (Laughs)

Rodeo Peanut Pu Pu Platter.

Are you ever going to grow back the dreads?
Definitely not.  I have nightmares that I’ve grown them back, then I wake up and I’m just glad I don’t have them. (Laughs)