So what was going on in your life at that time, in 2011?
Working with my father, and just trying to escape the winter. The previous few years I had been going down to Florida to meet up with Dave McDermott. I hadn’t really seen much else of the U.S. at that point. Rob Dolecki was taking a trip to Austin, Texas, and I decided to tag along.

How was Austin?
It was amazing. Literally just me and Rob rode around every single day, the whole entire day, just checking out every inch of the city. For me it was amazing, because I’ve always wanted to go to Austin. I knew once I got there it would be great, and sure enough it lived up to my expectations. It was so sick meeting Joe Rich for the first time, and getting to see T-1, and the whole Austin atmosphere.

What did you think of Chapala restauarant?
Chapala was on the top of my list every day. The quality and the price were just too good. Going there with the crew after East Side trails- with Clint, Matty, Nutter; it was just a good way to end the day with that meal.

How did you come across the Gute rail?
We were riding around the universities, which we did not knowing any better, and we stumbled upon it. My eyes lit up. The actual spot has a nostalgic aspect, between Taj, Paul Buchanan, Wiz. To see it in person was so great. It looked like the perfect metal hubba thing that I’ve never seen before. For it to have those knobs on it, I thought there was still something left to be done on it. To get a clip on there to me would be magical. (Laughter)

The ad, which appeared in Ride BMX Mag Issue #180.

Was it a bust at all?
It took us about three times to get that. I remember standing at top of the rail, and being such a bitch, being so scared to actually jump on it. By the time I actually had the balls to do it, we’d get kicked out. The last time finally I said, “fuck it”, and it just worked first go. I actually was smiling as I was riding off the end of it, because I was so happy it was over. (Laughter)

It’s been two years since that ad came out and you were put on Animal; what’s changed?
The last two years have been such an amazing blur to me, because I got put on MacNeil and Almond Footwear shortly after, and they both sent me around to a few places, like Canada and Miami, as well as going on Animal trips. It really took off from that one Austin trip, to seven or eight trips a year. It’s been nothing but good times; it’s just been surreal, to say the least.

Lil Jeff’s first Austin trip footage is at the beginning of his QSS 3 Foreign & Domestic part.

Anything else you want to say?
Shout out to all the guys in Austin we rode with; they were real nice and I appreciate it. Stew (Johnson) for letting us stay at his house. Clint (Reynolds) for letting us borrow his camera; the borrowed VX saved the day. Animal bikes and Rob Dolecki for making that ad possible and giving me the opportunity to do that.

You can check out a little photo gallery from Jeff’s Austin trip HERE.