What was going on in your life during the time when you filmed your Can I Eat? (released in 2003)  part? I had just graduated school, having a good time, being young.

Living in Southbridge, as the beginning of your part refers to? Yeah, living in Southbridge. For some reason people don’t seem to acknowledge that, even though there’s that at the beginning of this part; it’s pretty clearly stated that the state is Massachusetts, and there’s a big mark on Southbridge. People think I’m from somewhere else. “Oh, I thought you were from Jersey” or “I though you were from Boston.”  That always drove me nuts.

How did getting on Animal and filming for this, your first Animal part, come about? I was hanging out with George (Dossantos) a lot at the time and met Bob (Scerbo).  Bob said I should go on some trips with him. We went to Ohio. I stayed at Bob’s for a long time, like almost a month.  There was no planning or anything. We were just hanging out; it wasn’t like we were filming for a video part.  I wasn’t on the team; there was no mention of that. When he dropped me off back home, he was like “Oh, by the way, you’re on the team.” It was not a big deal. Animal only made sprockets and pegs, and I already bought the pegs when they came out. I got like a shirt or something, and a 36-tooth sprocket.

What’s your favorite clip? I want to say the nosepick on the barrier for the trick, but the barspin on the Boston Hospital Banks for the spot. That’s a nice one to have in there, especially in case if someone wants to talk trash.

So that’s your favorite spot ridden in the part? That and the Government Center rail. Also the Franklin rail; I had to beg Bob to bring me there.  Every clip of anyone riding it noses off it, except for like an ice pick. Any clip that is on a spot that is gone is priceless.

What’s your least favorite clip? The feeble on the rail at Houston St. in NY. I was trying to feeble the whole thing, but I didn’t make it all the way, obviously. Bob wanted to use it anyway because it’s a rail feeble. I was like, “Well, I didn’t do the whole thing, whatever.” When the video came out, people were like, “You didn’t do the whole thing.” (Laughter)  I didn’t want to use the feeble to hop over on the black rail either, because it wasn’t what I was trying to do; I was trying to feeble the whole thing. I couldn’t keep my speed, I kept grinding and stopping before the end of the rail. When you lean on a feeble it makes more sense to just hop over, than put your foot down.

Where was farthest place you traveled for any clip in Can I Eat? The last clip, in Columbus, Ohio.

Where else was your part filmed? Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Providence, and Boston.

What’s with all the round rail maneuvers? I don’t know. When it feels good doing a trick, I do it a lot on a bunch of different stuff, because there’s a short window with that.  I was just hyped on round rail feebles because they were working. I’ll just do it until it doesn’t work anymore, and then never do it again. Sometimes crooked grinds are good, and I’m not afraid to crooked grind anything, so I’ll just go out and crooked grind everything I’ve ever wanted to crooked grind, because I only got a week before that phase is over.

Is the round rail stuff over? Yeah. (Laughter) It’s been over.

What clip took the shortest amount of time to film? The over-crooked in NY.

That was one take? Yeah. Did it once, never again. The only one I ever did.  Why do it again? (Laughter) What are you going to do, do it on a bigger rail?

What took the longest to film? The first clip took forever; it took hours and hours.  I couldn’t do the tailwhip.

What’s your worst memory? Probably taking forever to do that first line. At that time I had never done a tailwhip on anything, so that was a learning experience.

What’s your best memory from when you filmed your Can I Eat? part? In North Arlington, staying at Bob’s basement at his parents, not really doing anything, arguing with Bob’s brother and playing ping- pong. That’s basically what the month consisted of.  And riding Schuyler School, and the “hip” on Ridge Road. It’s horrible, it’s nothing. You have to put a level on it to see that it’s elevated.  But it’s one of those things where you think it’s a hip and ride it like a hip, and it actually kind of feels good.

Would you ever put on front brakes again? I would like to someday, when I have a backyard with a ramp. Maybe a mini ramp, or even a vert ramp. If I ever moved out to somewhere (with a yard), I would definitely have a backyard ramp, and I would have front and back brakes.  For street, though, no; it’s too much crap.

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