WHTRILSThis photo of the Florida white rails appeared on the DIG Instagram recently. While they may be chained up nowadays, these gems have made numerous appearances in Animal videos over the past 14 years, since day one. Here’s a few highlights:

Ralph’s Props interview: (0:55) One of the first appearances ever in a BMX video, around the time when Ralph had just started Animal. Road Fools 7 came through there like literally a few weeks prior to Ralph, Edwin, Vic Ayala, Jeff Z., and Rob Dolecki taking a week-long trip down to Florida in order to escape winter.

Edwin, Animal 1: (2:05) Filmed during the same trip as the Ralph Props Interview clips. Bonus trivia: Edwin was riding Vic’s bike in that clip (as well as the 540 cab down stairs).

Bob $cerbo, Can I Eat?: (1:15) Bob was definitely happy to finally check this one off the spots-to-ride list back in the day.

Tom White, All Day: (1:38) Tom’s first Animal part; chains were already around the rails, but Tom improvised.

Lino Gonzalez, Cuts: (—-) Actually, there isn’t an appearance in Lino’s Cuts part. Lino did do an amazing smith to hard 180 on it during that time period, but the camera battery died before he pulled it so there’s no footage. You can see a couple of Florida clips in there from the same trip (at 1:39). Documentation of the move is below; photo of a page in his DIG Issue 65 interview. Sequence by Rob Dolecki: