When was the ad photo taken?
August 2009.

What was going on in your life?
I was about a year in with Dah Shop.  I was filming for two videos- AM:PM 2 and Cuts, as well as trying to run a business.

What was the clip in?
It was in Joey (Piazza)’s video, AM:PM 2 Urban Appetizers. I actually wanted to use it in my Cuts part to coincide with the ads. I filmed it with Joey, then you (Rob) called me up about shooting an ad, and I figured I could shoot that since I just did it earlier in the week.  Joey was set with the clip he filmed; I just brought my camera out and set it up on a tripod.  I have that clip somewhere. I tried to tell Joey that I wanted to use the clip for Cuts, but I already said to him he could use it, and since he already filmed it and wanted to use it for his video. In the end it doesn’t really matter, if you ride away safe it’s all good. It worked itself out.  I’m going to still use the other clip for my own video; I’ll use that clip because I filmed it myself.

No one’s ridden that setup before?
I don’t even think anyone’s ever seen it.  I was riding down the street, and was like, “Yo, hold up; let me look at this thing real quick.” I’ve always seen it because it’s in the same neighborhood as Dah Shop.  I started toying with it, and next thing you know I got a clip out of the situation.  I even think I can go back and do more.

You mentioned that it was kind of unique.
I’m not a hundred percent certain about this, but at the time I never really seen people do that sort of maneuver on that sort of setup before. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work; I thought I was going to hang up.  But I kept thinking, with the speed and momentum, it should work.  After the ad came out I started seeing people do it, on similar setups; I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not.

What did you like about the photo?
I like the colors and how vibrant it is. It says New York City all over it. It has that feel and look; it’s the true architecture.  I like the ad too because it didn’t have any words explaining the photo. The stitched together photo gave it just enough to know exactly what’s going on.  Also using all the symbols- the Animal, Piff, and Dah Shop symbols.

Anything else you’d like to mention?
When I was shooting the photo, I got broke, and hurt my shoulder.  I think I still have a scar. It hurt really bad, and I was like, “Damn, I can’t do this again.” But I needed to do it again. The next try, I told myself, “ Yo, do it now.”  And I did it; that was kind of weird. The only reason I did it was because my shoulder hurt and I didn’t want to do it again.  I figured if I fell again, it’s not going to be good.