What was going on in your life at the time when the cover photo was shot (May 2004)?
I was on the road, man; that was about it. Long, lonely highways, and cities with the boys.

When was the last time you went to Lubbock, TX (where the photo was taken)?
Might have been that trip, I’m not sure. Went there so many times it’s hard to remember.

Do you miss the Buddy Holly banks?
It hasn’t really hit me that they are gone, really. I haven’t seen photos, and may never be back out there to see what it looks like now. So in my head I still see her just as she was.

What happened on that trip out to Texas?
Ha, ha; like every trip I’m a part of, man, shit happens. First stop was Jimmy Levan’s house in Louisville. First night, I think we (Wiz, Luke Shudlick, Cesar Monzon, and Rob Dolecki) were getting back from riding, or we might have been walking out of Jimmy’s house to the car when we notice the little back door window smashed. Day one, radio stolen; sweet. I notice while we’re getting everything out of the car and into Jimmy’s, that the people who stole the radio forgot the faceplate in the glove box. I laughed and left it in there for a minute so I could carry more shit into the house, and when I came back out and the faceplate was gone. The dudes were waiting probably watching us walk in and out waiting to check real quick and they got me. Bastards. Next was a pretty normal thing at that time on the Blazer. Bikes would sling-shot themselves off the rack at random while driving down the highway on any trip. So long story short, Cesar’s bike didn’t make it (fell off and lost somewhere between Lubbock and Austin).

What’s Luke been up to?
He’s how he is. Some people just can’t handle their shit.

Do you miss the white Chevy Blazer?
All the time, man. I had so many good times on the road living out of that thing, getting attacked by bears and shit.

Your dreads were pretty synonymous with you; are they ever going to come back?
They try to all the time. I don’t ever comb my hair and it’s wavy, so it starts dreading on its own. That’s how I ended up with them the first time. I don’t think I’ll ever dread it again, but I still go through heavy Marley phases, so never say never.

In your interview in that issue, there was a sequence of you doing one of the first icepick grind to 180’s ever done at the infamous Behind-The-Stores spot; did you ever think that move would become as commonplace as it has?
Yeah, it should have been a long time ago. It makes sense. I tried them for years before, and for years I would always under-rotate the same amount. So I sat at behind-the-stores one day and tried them for about two hours straight until I figured out the way you shift the body weight, and I think I ended up pulling like three that day. I miss that thing too, man. Talk shit all you want on how low that thing was, if you ever rode it you knew how sick that spot was. RIP.