Stowaway Distro in Australia just released a sweet poster of Aussie shredder Sam Waters. Here’s a quick interview with Sam about it:

That spot looks dope; how did you come across it?
I actually can’t remember how we came across this, I think a mate of mine (Rhys Gogel) actually found out about it through some skaters in the area, so that was cool.

Have you ridden here often before?
I’ve ridden this spot maybe 2-3 times and I reckon we shot this photo on the second time around.

Who shot the photo?
Haydn Banks, a good friend of mine who also works for Stowaway Distro with Jamie Moore, the owner and my boss-man, ha, ha.

How did the poster come about?
Well I don’t really know. I remember Haydn shooting the photo and I was kind of at a point then where I wanted to do something a little different,  I spoke to the team at Stowaway, and they were hyped on the idea, and it took off from there.

Did you plan on shooting this specifically for a poster?
Nah, not at all; I just wanted to try one somewhere else, other than at the skatepark.

Who were you riding with at the spot?
This is going back a while, so the memory isn’t going to be the best, but I think Rhys Gogel, James Wade, Doug Underhill, Robbie Blizzard, Liam Zingbergs; honestly there could have been more people, but I’m never going to remember that far back. The crew I ride with are always stoked on everyone getting clips, they’re good dudes!

How long have you been doing opposite feebles to whips?
Ah, not really long at all, I don’t do them very often there kind of a weird trick for me I sort of need the right set up to be able to get the feel of them.

How many tries did this one take?
Um, I’d have no idea; pretty much like most things I try, a while, ha!