How long have you been in business?
The shop opened in 2002, this is our eleventh year.

Can you explain how the idea for a store came to be?
I have always wanted a bike shop, and a BMX-specific shop at that. Growing up there was not a shop that catered to the BMX rider. Just your typical bike shop that pointed you toward the 20″ bikes and couldn’t care less about stocking any good parts.  It was all Curb Dog and cheap shit.  I knew I wanted to have a pro shop for the core rider. After walking around Eastern Boarder when I was like 18 or so, it was on, I had to do it.

Who owns the shop?
I (Chuck Goldy) own it and run it, do all the merchandising, ordering, buying, selling, cleaning, service work, website stuff and so on. But if you ask any of my friends, I get to sit around all day and watch Road Fools videos…


What events have you done at Daily Grind in the past few years?
I have done quite a few events here, Grind Box Jam every year is a pretty big one, lots of shop stops in the past few years, we BBQ and ride the ramps in the back like every week in the summertime, but the event that really takes the cake is New England Jam Chowda.  That one takes months of getting everyone together going through the town to make it all legit and preparing for 700+ BMXers to invade the town.  That is not so much a Daily Grind event as a whole New England scene event, but all the ground work for it is done here while I’m sitting on the couch watching Road Fools.


What changes have you noticed in the scene since the store opened?
It has changed so much. It has definitely grown; there is a skatepark in just about every surrounding town (two of them largely because of DG, cough-cough) ha ha. I used to be the only game in town; now there are three BMX shops within an hour of here and probably four or maybe five skateshops. Also the young kids are skipping over BMX and skateboards to ride scooters…things are changing for sure. They’ll be back once they realize what’s up.


What does Daily Grind offer that mail-order doesn’t?
A person who has to answer to the customer. Some mail-orders are good, and are needed; mid-west has nothing for shops so those guys need a good mail order. But in New England, we are lucky to have good BMX shops everywhere.  Some mail-orders just sell crap bottom of the barrel brands that you wouldn’t find in any shop cause we have to see the customer again.  If all I had to do was take some kids money and ship him a piece of shit and never deal with him again, well, I could never do it. I am picky about the brands I carry in the shop.  I have my core  brands I push and know are a good quality product with good people behind them and if there is ever a problem, you know I’ll solve it…ice ice baby…and pizza- ever get pizza with your order? I didn’t think so.

Top three best-selling Animal products:
Edwin grips, GLH tires, LinoG pegs, Sprocky Balboa is in there too, can I have four?

Strangest experience selling an Animal product:
Well, I got a phone call and this guy asked me if I had an Animal axle, I said no (Animal did not have hubs yet at the time). He said he had a bent Animal axle and asked if I could fix it, knowing Animal at the time did not produce axles, I told him to come in and I would see what I can do with it. A few hours later the dude came in with his bike and his bent axle.  A Flix-Trix finger bike with a bent axle. Seriously? I put the axle in my vice pulled it straight  and fixed it for him. Hows that for for strange?  check the post from 2010 HERE.

Why carry Animal?
That’s a great question, I think Animal is that core East Coast brand. Obviously good quality parts but more than that, Animal has always had a great crew of dudes running shit and have taken care of me and my business.  Daily Grind opened just over a year after Animal was established and I have stocked everything Animal since day one with no hiccups. Awesome.


What’s something you never expected to happen after opening the shop?
I never thought I would be in this building ten years later, really never imagined the whole BMX industry getting behind a store I owned enough to have all my heroes and so many good riders roll through this town and want to stop by my store. I am really pumped that this place brings that kind of support to the kids in this town.


Any future plans for Daily Grind?
I am looking at buildings now, I want to branch out and build an indoor park.  I have had the idea for a few years now and it’s time to pull the trigger.

How many trends have you seen come and go since you have been open?
Bars got bigger (way bigger), sprockets got small, pants got tighter, kids progress so quickly I think some of the core values that made me love BMX are lost in some of these kids…they need my BMX-ucation class I think. Fun first, kids.

What is the best thing you gained or witnessed from owning/ starting the shop?
Friends; I have gained so many friends, so many people have come through here, that in itself is so priceless.  From the git-go this shop was a gathering place for friends, a point for everyone to meet up and head to anything fun, a place to go when there was no other place to go. That is the bigger part of owning the store.  If it were just parts and transactions I would have given up nine years ago.

If you can have one BMX product that doesn’t exist yet what would it be?
Any part that only comes in only black.  Story of my life is, “Hey, do you this in yellow?” “Nope sorry, I only have red, blue, green, orange, clear, purple, pink, tan, brown, grey, black, polished, chrome, fuchsia…” you get the point. Just make black; so much easier for me.

Where do you see Daily Grind in ten years?
Man, I hope it’s overlooking a sweet ass indoor skatepark…that’s the goal anyways. If not, I’ll probably be some bitter old dude running a shop out of a shed in the backyard of my house trying to tell kids about the good ol’ days…

 Location: Danielson, Connecticut
 Shop address: 74 Main Street
 Hours:  10-5:30 M-F,  10-3 Sat.  we are almost always here late, never early and here on Sundays…
 Contact info: 860-779-6440 Facebook Instagram (@dgbmx)


Shop Stop at Daily Grind this past June; video of tour below: