How long have you been in business?
The Nashua store has been around for 19 years.

Who works at the shop?
Earl Verrier is the Store Manager, Brian Fiske is the Asst. Manager, and Adam Sanderson is the Full-Time Bike Guy.

What events have you done at the shop in the past few years?
We have a bunch of annual contests and jams including the Fall Brawl in Boston, Lynn Bike Jam, and Pelham X.

What changes have you noticed in the scene since the shop opened?
The scene will always change according to the latest trends of Pro. The biggest change would be the brakeless scene.

What does Eastern Boarder offer that mail-order doesn’t?
Advice, opinions, knowledge… if you ever have a warranty issue with a particular part then it’s worth standing behind.

Top three best-selling Animal products:
Edwin grips, Hamilton plastic pedals, and GLH tires, in that order.

Strangest experience selling an Animal product:
Selling a griffin head T-shirt and having the customer ask, “What is this picture of?”

Why carry Animal?
We carry Animal products to support a core East Coast company!

Any future plans for the shop?
Future plans for the store would be to increase the size of our complete bike and accessories wall and be more competitive with mail order.

How many trends have you seen come and go since you have been open?
We have witnessed tight pants/ baggy pants, D3’s/ Vans Era’s, cutting 3 inches off your bars/ 10-inch rise, Oversized everything/ to very minimal set-ups, bolt-on parts/ integrated parts.

What is the best thing you gained or witnessed from working at Eastern Boarder?
Working at the shop, you meet and help out a ton of great people.

If you can have one BMX product that doesn’t exist yet what would it be?
If we told you, we would have to kill you.

Where do you see the shop in ten years?
In ten years EB will still be here catering to another generation of rippers!

Location: Nashua, New Hampshire
Shop address: 254 Daniel Webster Highway 03061
Hours: 12-6PM Monday-Friday, 12-5PM Saturday, 12:4PM Sunday
Contact info: (603)888-0722 LIVE FREE OR DIE!