How long have you been in business? Just a little over 7 years.

Can you explain how the idea for a store came to be? Myself (Shad Johnson), Rich Hirsch and Andy Merall would always talk about how awesome It would be to open a shop in Portland. Fast forward a few years and here we are looking ahead towards ten years!

Who owns the shop? Who works there? I (Shad) own the shop and I get help around the shop from Snotty & Randy Nickerson. All the homies always help out too. This place is pretty damn communal.

What events have you done at the shop in the past few years? We try and hold between two and three jams each year, along with having video premieres at the shop. We just had a jam at the Tigard skatepark that went off rad!

What changes have you noticed in the scene since the shop opened? Just more people riding. Lots of new faces and a lot of older rders getting back into it, understanding BMX is what you make of it. If you want to kill the streets and the park or if you want to hit some curb cuts on the way to get a slurpee it’s all good.

What does Goods offer that mail-order doesn’t? A face-to-face experience. I think the best thing a shop does is give the city it’s in a meeting place. It builds the scene. When you have a strong scene you will usually find better spots and and more pride in that community that you all helped build.

Top three best-selling Animal products: Edwin grips, Snapbacks, Presidential bars.

Strangest experience selling an Animal product: When random people come in and try telling they ride for Animal.

Why carry Animal?
I carry Animal because I know where it came from. I know how much love Ralph and everyone there has for BMX. There has been a lot of hard work to get Animal where it is today. The first year Animal started I was helping Ralph sell sprockets and pegs out of my Jeep at Woodward and now its sold all over the world. People trust Animal’s product and as a retailer that’s something I can get behind!

What’s something you never expected to happen after opening the shop? That I would be open seven years later.

Any future plans for the shop? Just to keep growing. I’m in this for life man so all I can do is look forward and try and do better.

How many trends have you seen come and go since you have been open? Ha ha, a fair amount. I’m glad the low-slung frames are on the way out!

What is the best thing you gained or witnessed from starting Goods? Watching the younger riders grow as riders and people.

If you can have one BMX product that doesn’t exist yet what would it be? An unbreakable chain that does not look wack!

Where do you see the shop in ten years? In Portland, building up the scene in the NW.

Location: Portland, Oregon
Shop address:
2808 NE MLK Blvd Suite O.
12-ish to 6-ish Mon- Sat; Closed Sun
Contact info: