How long have you been in business?
We’ve been open since 1983.

Can you explain how the idea for a store came to be?
The owner always loved bikes, and one day he had a chance to start a shop with a partner; so, of course that’s a dream come true to a bike enthusiast.

Who owns the shop? Who works there?
Jim Pollard owns the place, I (Chris) manage it, and we have Manny who works here part time as well.

What events have you done at the shop in the past few years?
We had an Animal “Meet & Greet” last year that went great, and he have little jams now and then just to have fun.

What changes have you noticed in the scene since the shop opened?
Seems like its always changing, when we first opened, BMX was still a young sport. It was mainly just road bikes that we sold back then; the last decade BMX has been growing and we’ve been seeing new faces all the time!

What does Sierra Bicycle Works offer that mail-order doesn’t?
You go to a shop and you know you’re going to get the right part for your bike. You can see it in person and talk to people that actually use it, and they’ll be able to install it for you too.

Top three best-selling Animal products:
Edwin grips (top selling grip period), Tom White-Walls, and Hamilton PC’s.

Strangest experience selling an Animal product:
Usually it’s grips; we’ve sold them for everything from pool equipment to electric wheelchairs.

Why carry Animal?
Stuff works plain and simple, no gimmicks; just good parts that hold up! Animal’s one of those companies that not only knows what kids want, but what they need as well.

What’s something you never expected to happen after opening Sierra Bicycle Works?
We opened right before the technology boom that happened after the mid 80’s; before then bicycles pretty much stayed the same with very little change, now every year there’s something new!

Any future plans for the shop?
A few things; definitely trying to do some more jams soon.

How many trends have you seen come and go since you have been open?
Everything from freestyle bikes in the 80’s with built-in pegs in the back and folding pegs in the front, to street riders using 45 pound bikes in the 90’s, to now with something in between.

What is the best thing you gained or witnessed from running the shop?
You definitely gain kind of a worldly view, because you meet people from all over and hear so many stories. It’s amazing how all these people from such different backgrounds and walks of like have something so simple in common- their love of bicycles.

If you can have one BMX product that doesn’t exist yet what would it be?
For BMX, really the only thing no one is doing yet is tubeless; the good thing about the sport is companies are willing to look at any idea to see if it can work for them.

Where do you see Sierra Bicycle Works in ten years?
Hopefully doing a lot more in the BMX scene and the bike scene in general, and just keeping people stoked on riding bikes!

Shop address: 1709 E. highland ave. San Bernardino ca, 92404
Hours: Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5, Sun 12-5
Contact info: Jim or Chris (909) 384-9110