Steven Hamilton – “Others” DVD out now!

Steven Hamilton just wrapped up his latest DVD project, “Others” ¬†which is available now at Empire BMX, Danscomp, and other fine retailers! Check below for a quick Q&A with Steven on the DVD!

This video is called OTHERS, but it’s mostly you. What’s up with that?

Well it is a lot of other people too, but it is a lot of me, probably about half. I am an Other too, we are all Others, brothers from other mothers.

Is that where you got the name?


So I noticed, when you land your skate tricks, you always touch your nose. What is up with that?

I don’t know, it is like a nervous reaction. You don’t have to worry about that on a bike. I’m working on stopping it though. It is dumb.

This is your second part where you have a raccoon for your intro. In your Inception intro you dressed up like a raccoon and levitated up that green Otterbein rail. Then in this vid, you have that raccoon running into those parking blocks?

Yeah, I think that thing had rabies, I’m glad it didn’t bite me though.

Is the raccoon your spirit animal then?


Kid’s attention spans are short these days, why is the video so long?

It is long but it is good music and just chill and relaxing.

Who is in the video?

Just all the chill holmes who are down to ride and skate. Anyone who is down for a session I go out riding with is in the vid.

You are a father now right? Did your daughter make it in the vid?

Yes I am a dad now. My beautiful partner in crime loml Latisha and I, we had our beautiful daughter, she is like 6 months old now. But no, she can’t skate yet. But Tish, yeah she got some clips.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Don’t destroy your mind or your body. Life gets better the older you get but your gonna regret the stupid shit. Savor what you got and don’t smoke pot.