Matt Miller Animal x T1 Tire Ad

We just dropped a fresh ad featuring Matt Miller ripping down a rail with his Animal X T1 tires while on a trip to Arizona this past spring.  Matt is loving the special dual compound in the streets, which makes these tires as fast as they are grippy.  From the parks and pools to the streets, this tire has you covered!  Available in 2.20 and 2.40, pick up a pair here.




Garrett Byrnes Animal x T1 Tire Promo

We teamed up with the legendary Terrible One to create a versatile, dual compound tire, aimed to perform everywhere from the streets to pools and skateparks.  You couldn’t a rider more fitting to premiere these to the world than Garrett Byrnes, and despite a full-time work schedule Garrett absolutely MURDERED IT.  Prepare to scrape your jaw back up off the floor after watching…and go grab a pair here.