Nigel Slyvester G-Shock – Timing is Everything

Check out the new G-Shock video “Timing is Everything” featuring Nigel Slyvester, Chad Douglas, Joe Niranonta, Anthony DeRosa, Jose Castillo, Emron Mervin and Shaeed Dupree. Narrated by Nigel himself and produced by @sancheezy.
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Anthony DeRosa Bike Check


Super stoked on building up this brand new bike. It is a Brooklyn Machine Works frame laced with complete Animal Bikes parts and it is one of the best set ups I have ever ridden. I am beyond happy how it came out. I feel this new set up fits my riding style perfectly, and that I will be able to put this machine through hell. Looking forward to seeing what new adventures that this new ride brings. – Anthony DeRosa

Frame: Brooklyn Machine Works – 20.75

Bars: Colin Varanyak Signature Empire State Bars

Grips: Edwin Grips Flangless

Bar Ends: Animal Black Aluminum Bar Ends


Forks: Animal Prototype

Stem: Black MR Front Load Stem

Headset: Black Animal Headset

Cranks: Akimbo Cranks – 170

Pedals: Black Hamilton Plastic Pedals



Bottom Bracket: Animal Black 22mm

Pedals: Black Hamilton Plastic Pedals

Pegs: LinoOG Pegs 4.5

Seat: Animal Broadway Seat


Sprocket: Black M5 Sprocket

Hubs: Javelin Front/Rear LHD Cassette Hubs

Tires: GLH 2.25 Tires

Rims: Black RS Rims

Pegs: LinoOG Pegs 4.5


Anthony DeRosa laces a feeble to smith on a ledge as rough as it is tall.

Photos by Chris Marshall.