Catching Up With Demarcus Paul

I eventually told him to move out the way because of the distraction he was causing. The dude just happens to be Riley Hawk—Tony Hawk’s son.”

Demarcus Paul just dropped a wild section for X Games Real BMX and we couldn’t be more hyped for him. We caught up with Demo about filming his section, the status of his injury, and some Animal stuff too… Make sure to vote for Demarcus for Real BMX Fan Favorite. 

First off, your Real BMX part was sick! So many great setups and every clip was fire. Which clip are you most hyped on?

Thank you so much. I’m really hyped on the flip. I learned how to flip on a dirt jump, it was pretty risky being that I had never even tried it before nor jumped into a foam pit. I still have the same feeling of rush every time since high school. Also, it was fun sending it to flat.

Were there battles fought for any of the clips?

I really struggled with the rail manual-to-bar. We went three times to try to get it. First time I went, I tried it four hours straight. I got into the manual once and looped out off the rail. Second time I wanted to just get the manual without the bar because it felt impossible to even get into the manual. I got the manual in like thirty minutes of trying it, I was stoked and we left. When we left I was instantly talking to myself and getting frustrated that I accepted the manual and didn’t do the bar like I wanted to. I few days later I hit [Mike] Mastroni up and told him that we are gonna get the manual bar. A week later we made it back to the school. We set up and I started to warm up for a bit then some skaters showed up and started really being annoying because one kept jumping on the rail while I was trying to film on it. I eventually told him to move out the way because of the distraction he was causing. The dude just happens to be Riley Hawk—Tony Hawk’s son [laughs]. He was understanding and just went and sat down with his buddies until I pulled the manual bar 45 minutes later.

That is a great story. So how was working on Real BMX different than other video projects you’ve worked on?

With the video being only 90 seconds it made everything completely straight forward. No cutting corners/filler clips… It was a challenge, for sure. We only had three months to film for it.

Being a street rider who focuses on filming video parts, what is it like getting an opportunity to film for a project that is intended to be seen not just by BMX riders, but by the average Joe audience as well?

Getting this opportunity was a dream come true. I actually don’t consider myself a street rider. I actually enjoy all forms of BMX just the same. However, street riding is a self-motivated genre of BMX similar to flatland. Filming a street section allows us to have a free artistic approach to BMX. I really wanted to make a section that could be core enough for the BMX community and simple enough for the general public to understand. With filming this part I wanted to have a variety of tricks that could hopefully cater to just about anyone who watches it. By having some rail rides and a flip I was thinking of what I would like to watch if I was part of the general public.

Did you know that you’re the first rider from the San Diego area to ride for Animal?

No, I had no clue! Does it count being that I’m from Georgia [laughs]? I actually think it’s pretty cool, though.

What does it mean to you to be riding for Animal in general? 

I’ve been wanting to ride for Animal since I was a kid. It means the world to me because I grew up following all the Animal videos.

You literally just got on the team and Animal House LA was supposed to be your first major introduction. But then you got sidelined with an injury…

I was looking forward to Animal House LA. It would have been awesome to kick it and ride with everyone. I was riding a quarter pipe at Home Ave. I went to do a table top and as I was coming down my bars snagged my shirt and I was forced to take my leg off. I landed with my leg straight, causing it to flex out. I fractured my Tibial plateau. I started therapy last week and I should be fully recovered by the end of July.

One you’re fully healed up, is there one dude on the team who you’re looking forward to riding with the most?

I really want to ride with Tyrone Williams more. I grew up watching all of his stuff and I’m truly a huge fan of his.

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Demarcus Paul – Bike Check

In case you missed it, last week, we announced Demarcus Paul to the Animal Bikes Pro Team. You can expect to see a lot more from Demarcus in 2017, so sit tight.  For now take a glimpse at his latest ride.

Frame: Volume Warhorse   Bars: Volume Warhorse   Stem: Volume Top Load Stem

Pedals: Animal Rat Trap – Mark Gralla Signature Pedals

Forks: Volume Anchor   Headset: Animal

Cranks: Animal Akimbo   Sprocket: Animal Thorofare – Chase DeHart Signature Sprocket

Grips: Volume

Seat: Volume Warhorse   Seatpost: Animal

Wheels: Front-Animal RS Rim with Javelin Hub  Rear-Animal RS Rim with Freecoaster

Pegs: Volume Warhorse Plastics Pegs

Photos by – Christian Rigal

Instagram – @christianrigal