Butcher Grind Contest on NOW TILL AUGUST 2nd

Get your grimiest, nastiest grind clips ready, metal or plastic. Follow on Instagram @animalbikes, Butcher @butcher620g and use #DEFBOMgrinds to post your clips on Instagram.  The winner will get an set of Butcher Pegs and an autographed print.  Butcher himself will be the judge.  Contest ends Aug 2nd.


The Origin of the Butcher Peg – By Joe “Butcher” Kowalski

Animal History 101 – A decade ago the Butcher Peg took street riding to another level by allowing you to ride the unrideable. Butcher himself gives us the story behind how the Butcher Peg came to be.ButcherPegsintro3

I hear a lot of talk about, if it ain’t steel it ain’t real. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions and I say, ride what you like, have fun and be yourself.


Back in my early years of riding, I had a set of Bully Bikes pegs that were plastic and had metal inside. The peg threaded onto your axle. Old school shit, haha. When I had those pegs, I could grind wood benches and some rough stuff with them. I ended up breaking them off pretty quickly though. I would always think, damn if I could just have a better design that would last. You could grind everything.

ButcherpegsgrindersYears later I talked to Ralph about this old idea I had to design a new peg with a plastic sleeve you could replace. I wanted to design pegs to open up new doors. Ralph was hyped and said, “Hells yeah lets make them and they can be the Butcher pegs.” I got right on it. I got to drawing up the design and started working with the product designer to start getting some samples made to test out.

We pretty much had the design on point right away and started testing. I tried a bunch of different sleeves with different thicknesses, densities and colors. Once we were happy with a final design, we went ahead and made one of the best pegs ever. I love these pegs because they have opened up so many tricks and set up possibilities. I’ve seen it in my riding and I’ve seen it in other people’s riding, too.


I hope to see it continue on with future generations. Don’t be held back. Ride what you want and have fun with it. Butcher pegs for all grinding needs.

Words by Butcher, Photos by Chris Marshall


Ben Lewis for the Butcher Peg

Ben Lewis hits the streets of Barcelona and puts his Butcher pegs to work! You’d be hard pressed to find someone in BMX more technical with the pegs than Benny L! Designed by Joe “Butcher” Kowalski, the Butcher pegs were the first pegs designed with street riding in mind. Over a decade later, they are still the #1 plastic peg in the streets.