Ryan Niranonta – Bike Check

Ryan Niranonta has been holding down Philly for a minute. If you follow Ryan on Instagram @ryanniranonta you know he puts in work. We caught up with Ryan and got the run down on his latest whip. Stayed tuned for a lot more from Ryan in 2017.

Words by: Ryan Niranonta

Photos by: Chris Marshall


I pretty much only ride stuff from my sponsors, Fiend BMX and Animal Bikes. I’m currently riding a flat black, 20.75 Colin Frame. I ride 4.5 inch pegs and right hand drive to help out with crooks and general feel. I’ve been testing out a bunch of prototype parts for Fiend and Animal so my set up has been changing around a lot lately. Not really stuff im used to riding but my bike has been feeling better than ever.

Bars: Animal Big Fours

Grips: Odi Longnecks

Barends: Animal sewer caps

Stem: Animal MR frontload

Forks: Animal 15mm

Tires: Animal T1 tire

Hubs: Animal Javelin in the front, Fiend freecoaster in the back

Hub Guards: Animal PYN for the front. I got a Fiend and Daily Grind Cog for the coaster

Rims: Animal RS for my front and a Odyssey Hazard Lite for the back

Frame: Fiend Colin Varanyak Signature

Seat: Fiend

Seat Post: Fiend

Seat post Clamp: —

Cranks: Animal 160mm

Sprocket: FND fiend

Chain: idk haha

Pedals: Rat Trap’s

Pegs: Lino OG 4.5”

Mods: WMIV Sticker Lmao


Big 4 Bars


Animal x Terrible One Tire


Rat Trap Pedal – Coming early 2017



Animal House Part 4 – Affiliates, AM’s and OG’s

The Affiliates, Am’s and OG’s section is stacked from the young guns to the veterans.  With B-Dub, Ryan and Joe Niranota, and John Yoh taking helm to represent for the Affiliates and Am’s, you know it’s going to be heavy.  Plus with legends like Wiz, Belcher, Tom White, and Zac Costa backing them up, it’s easy to see this section is straight fire.