Ryan Niranonta – Bike Check

Ryan Niranonta has been holding down Philly for a minute. If you follow Ryan on Instagram @ryanniranonta you know he puts in work. We caught up with Ryan and got the run down on his latest whip. Stayed tuned for a lot more from Ryan in 2017.

Words by: Ryan Niranonta

Photos by: Chris Marshall


I pretty much only ride stuff from my sponsors, Fiend BMX and Animal Bikes. I’m currently riding a flat black, 20.75 Colin Frame. I ride 4.5 inch pegs and right hand drive to help out with crooks and general feel. I’ve been testing out a bunch of prototype parts for Fiend and Animal so my set up has been changing around a lot lately. Not really stuff im used to riding but my bike has been feeling better than ever.

Bars: Animal Big Fours

Grips: Odi Longnecks

Barends: Animal sewer caps

Stem: Animal MR frontload

Forks: Animal 15mm

Tires: Animal T1 tire

Hubs: Animal Javelin in the front, Fiend freecoaster in the back

Hub Guards: Animal PYN for the front. I got a Fiend and Daily Grind Cog for the coaster

Rims: Animal RS for my front and a Odyssey Hazard Lite for the back

Frame: Fiend Colin Varanyak Signature

Seat: Fiend

Seat Post: Fiend

Seat post Clamp: —

Cranks: Animal 160mm

Sprocket: FND fiend

Chain: idk haha

Pedals: Rat Trap’s

Pegs: Lino OG 4.5”

Mods: WMIV Sticker Lmao


Big 4 Bars


Animal x Terrible One Tire


Rat Trap Pedal – Coming early 2017