Photo: Dolecki

What did you get into this winter?
A whole bunch of nothing; hanging out at my girlfriend’s place, going to Joyride Skatepark outside of Toronto a few times. Been testing the axle nuts we’re working on, smashing them around as much as I could. The winter was long, and so much snow.

How are you liking the new axle nuts?
Good; I’ve been testing them out for a long-ass time, and they are perfect. They are pretty much exactly what I wanted. They are going to come out this fall.


In the works.

You just went to New Jersey.
Came up there and did pretty much what I wanted to do. I rode, saw some tourist shit and just chilled. I went home healthy; that’s all I can ask for.

You were there two weeks?
Yeah, just missed the rained-out NYC jam, and then left right before the Newark jam. Went straight from Newark Airport to driving ten hours to Tennessee. Got there, slept for a few hours, and did the Angry Penguin shop stop four hours after arriving. It was like the last time I came to N.J.; I went straight from the airport to Ohio for a shop stop. It was good, though.

What else did you get into while up there?
This was like my fifth or sixth time going to NJ; I’ve never really did the tourist stuff. I always wanted to go to Central Park and the Seinfeld diner. The Seinfeld diner was cool seeing it from the outside. Inside I was hoping it was going to resemble it at least a little bit, but I was let down. The good thing about it was during the whole trip, my ATM card wouldn’t work, and that was the first place I went to where it would work.

Lil’ Jeff and Chris in the diner; you can see a photo diary of Chris’s trip HERE.

Get to ride anything good in NJ?
Yeah, Lil’ Jeff took me around to a bunch of local spots. Jeff had a broken rib so he couldn’t ride, though. Also went to a wallride and a pool; that pool was amazing. I’ve been thinking of that ever since; I wish I could bring it back with me to Toronto.


The wallride. Photo: Dolecki

What do you have planned for the summer?
Going to continue looking for a job, ride, film, turn 30.

Any plans for when you reach Level 3?
I’m trying to build up an all chrome bike with black mags; kind of what I had before I really started riding. Besides that, go up to Calgary; I’ve never been there. Hopefully get back to New Jersey in the fall also.


SILVA_WAREHOUSE_1At the warehouse, getting ready to head back to Toronto.