What have you been up to?
Nothing much, just working a lot and trying to get in as much riding as I can. The weekends are all tied up with me doing poker dealer school…

What’s that all about?
I’m just really tired of working hard, building houses. You can only go so far, and I’m not trying to look like a leather-neck piece by the time I’m 35. (Laughs) Hopefully get through this and get a certificate, and sit on my ass and make better money.

You went to California this summer?
Yeah. Me, Tom White and Edwin.  It was kind of a take-it-easy trip. We were out in San Francisco, and traveled down to Long Beach. Always a great trip; the weather was awesome.  Anything to get away from Philly.

You ride anywhere out there?
Yeah; rode a little bit in Oakland and San Francisco. We rode with that dude Andrew Brady in Long Beach…

That’s when you did that Ride bike check?
Yeah.  It was mainly a chill trip, but we still managed to get a bit of riding in too.

Any fishing expeditions lately?
Nah. Even though in my head I know it’s all good right now, I have to stay focused with moving forward with work and trying to make money.

What’s up with those fishing videos?
Nothing really.  Just mainly for personal enjoyment.  I love doing it and I love to document what I’m doing.

Any bass fishing championships in the future?
Hopefully in the summer time. I won a tournament in July in New Jersey and that really was awesome, because I won a championship belt, like the WWF, but in fishing. It felt kind of good because I beat a lot of good fishermen.

Did you feel like Rocky?
Yeah, I held it up, and I was wearing that shit.  I felt like the shit. (Laughs) The fishing is always good.

Been riding Philly at all?
Mainly trying to ride around Northeast.  As I work, I scope out spots around there I plan on riding in the future.

Reunion up rail to hop over in Philly. Photo: Dolecki

You working on any video parts?
Yeah, me and a few people will have parts in a future video.  Mainly trying ot shoot for that; hopefully I can gather a few nice clips for that.

Don’t you have a pretty good amount stockpiled already?
I don’t know, I can’t really rely on that, but I think they are decent.

Any plans in the near future?
No trips in the near future, but as it gets colder, I’ll probably make another trip out to California, because I love that place. I love the fall (here) though, it’s a great time to get out. It’s my favorite time of the year to ride anyway.

Dave’s part in Skavenger 2012