So what have you been up to?
Riding. I live in the Bronx now, so I’ve been riding up there a little bit more. The weather’s nice now.

You’ve been riding with Oba and the BX crew?
Yeah; Oba, chilling with Launchpad.


You go anywhere this winter?
Yeah, I went to San Francisco for a couple of weeks. It was more of a vacation. It was the best; bombing hills. I didn’t go film anything; I just got to chill. I had fun riding and chilling with the homies. It’s always good to get out of New York, especially in the winter; go to a new town for a little bit.

The Diggest’s Perspective 001 With Edwin, filmed this past winter.

How was the street jam last weekend?
It was the best. Getting everybody together, bombing down the street, causing mayhem. That’s what we used to do back in the day. I can’t wait for it to happen again. It should happen for often. It felt good to be around everybody. It felt like 2001 again.


How was it hanging out at Union Square again before everyone started mobbing the streets?
It was sick. I haven’t hung out back there since like ’05. I kind of want to start doing it again. Back in the day when we used to, I had all my flat ground tricks on lock.

Did you ride the plywood on the steps set up at the Houston rails?
Actually, I didn’t get to ride it, because me, Hoder, and Ratkid left already. We saw things starting to get out of hand. (Laughs)  We had to bust a move, but I kind of wish I got to ride it.  I saw the photos and it looked fun.

The plywood brought it back to Union days.
The plywood up stairs is always a good time.


Rumor has it there may possibly be other street jams in neighboring cities; are you going to go?
Hell yeah. If it’s not too far, I’ll go. You can’t describe the feeling mobbing around with like sixty people. You feel like you can’t be stopped.

Like you’re invincible.
If the cops come, they might catch one or two people, but not everyone.

It’s like the BMX version of a flash mob.
Taking over the whole street. That ride was crazy. One dude slapped the hat off a cop’s head. That’s the kind of shit that happens when you roll around with a hundred people.

You talk to Vinnie recently?
Yeah, talk to Vinnie yesterday. He got his grill piece fixed up yesterday; I had to call him and congratulate him.

You’re putting together s new frame soon.
I’m about to put together a new Skavenger frame, actually made in Bushwick, Brooklyn. I got a real connection with Bushwick; I lived there for a long time. I’m psyched to put that one together. There may be more made in the future.

What’s going on with Skavenger right now?
Got a couple of new guys on the team now. This kid Rosie from SAF; he’s a perfect fit. He’s got four pegs and fucks up rails. Over the summer might make a new promo or something.

What do you have going on the next few months?
Riding, filming and shooting photos, and hopefully travel somewhere.

And idea where?
I’ve been talking with Hoder about going back to the Northwest. I love the Northwest; I like it there a lot. Also, I’ll maybe try and film a new video part.

Ed’s Skavenger 2012 part.

A few quick Edwin clips in QSS 5 starting at 6:35, as well as the clip of his latest ad at 12:55.