What have you been up to?

How did you like your part in They Too Crusty Wit It?
I gotta watch it.

You didn’t see it yet?
No. Well I saw it once, but I didn’t get a copy yet.

It has to be on a DVD to watch it?
It’s better.

Do you like the Underdog song?
It’s a little crazy. (Laughter) It’s alright though.

Would you have chosen anything else?
I never choose. Bob chooses all my music. I let him do whatever he wants; I don’t ask him.

Are you happy with all the riding in your part?
Yeah, it’s fine.

What’s the story with the last clip?
It took a bunch of tries, and halfway through, it felt like I broke my foot, but I kept trying it. About a week later I got an x-ray and found out I broke my foot for real.

That was in Toronto; what where you doing up there?
A trip with Animal. Went to a couple of bike shops, rode some street and did that. It was a good trip; that’s it.

You’ve been riding at all?
No, I’ve been cutting trees up. Now it’s too cold.

What’s the story with all that chopped up wood in your backyard?
It’s a bunch of wood from trees I’ve been cutting out of people’s yards from Hurricane Sandy and taking it home for firewood and splitting it all. And also making shit out of it…

What are you going to make?
Some tables; not sure yet.

What was the biggest tree you cut up?
Some were 70 feet tall, and two feet round at the bottom.

Hoogerhyde up in a tree.

So you are becoming a logger?
(Laughter) I don’t know…

Probably not a heavy demand for logging on the East Coast though.
If you cut nice pieces out of the wood…

You might be able to get enough money from them to buy another Mustang?
No, I don’t need three of them. (Laughter)

Got any plans to go anywhere this winter?
No, but I want to; probably go somewhere, somehow.

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