What have you been up to?
Not riding as much as I want to because the weather has been horrible. It’s been a nine-month winter. Trying to stay warm.

Weren’t you just in a warm climate?
Yeah, yeah, I just got back from Miami on an Almond trip. I got to get out of the cold for at least a week. But other than that, just been freezing.

Lil’ Jeff was on that trip too?
Yeah, Lil’ Jeff and me flew down together. It was a real good time; the edit is dropping soon.

Where did you guys ride?
We tried to hit up a lot of spots outside of downtown, around the hood. We found a lot of nice little gems. Hit up some famous spots too, and got to ride them for two minutes before we got kicked out.

You were shooting for an Albion interview on that trip?
Yeah, I just started one; so is Lil’ Jeff. His is coming out first.

Why is that; Lil’ Jeff did more stuff on the trip?
(Laughter) I don’t know; they just planned it that way. Probably though. I’m going to wrap up mine this spring.

What else you have going on?
I’m about to leave for an Argentina trip. And I’m wrapping up my QSS 5 part.

You’re going to have a full part?
Yeah, trying to make it pretty good.

You have a good amount of stuff in the stash?
I think I do. Psyched to film with Navaz on the Argentina trip. Just to be in nice weather again and make the trip as productive as possible.

So you just got a 2013 Ferrari?
Yeah, it’s just a lease though. (Laughter) I posted it on Instagram as a joke and some people actually believed it; it’s kind of funny. I probably couldn’t afford the insurance payment for one month.

Screen shot 2013-03-23 at 11.34.03 AM

It looked like your bar sales were doing real well.
Yeah, those Presidential bars are moving.  I might step up to the Lambo when the lease is up.