So what have you been up to?
Hanging out a little bit, working at the bike shop with my brother Kyle, trying to recuperate from all these injuries. I hurt my heel in San Antonio, Texas on a short trip with Animal; that knocked me out for a few weeks. The heel didn’t heal. (Laughs) I was wobbling around for a little bit.  When I was in Austin in November I hurt my knee and that took a little while too. I’ve been healthy lately though, so it’s been good.

You went to Austin two times this winter.
Yeah, I went to Austin in November with you (Rob) and it was my first time there.  It was a treat; we got to ride around and see everything. As soon as I got home I tried to find a way back as soon as I could.

You filmed that edit in one week there.
The first day we got there, riding around I saw so many spots. Every day, we just filled the day up riding all day long. By the end of the trip, I couldn’t believe we filmed everything that we did. We were riding around; it didn’t see like a big deal. There wasn’t any pressure or anything, because we were hanging out. We would leave at like ten in the morning and not come back until eleven at night. We were sore as shit from riding around the city all day, but it was so rewarding.

We rode UT a lot.
(Laughs) Beginner’s luck, I guess. Nobody really warned me too much that the security there is a huge deal.  Luckily, creeping around with just you and me, I guess we just blended in. Nobody said anything; I felt like we were the first ones to ride it, ever. (Laughs) I remember you kind of keeping the pressure down and saying it’s not that big of a deal, then at the end of the trip you’re like, “I just got to let you know now that it’s over, that was one of the craziest things ever to be able to ride all over campus every day and not get the boot.”

How was your second trip to Austin?
It was in January, right after the New Year. Bob, Vinnie, Oba and I drove down. On the way down we stopped at a bunch of spots, Little Rock and Memphis. Once we finally made it there it felt like home again. It was just as good as the first time, even a little better, because I got to meet a few people the first time, then running into those friends the second time was really good. Getting to ride a few spots I didn’t get to ride the first time made it well worth it.

What were some of the stories from the second time there?
From the minute I hopped into the van it was a story. The whole drive down was just comical. We got into Austin and it was like we entered into a whole new world.  Every day we woke up it was a new story to talk about. It was everything from dead bodies to getting chased by cars.  I felt almost cursed when we were down there, because it was so much going on at once.

What’s the story with the dead body?
This is crazy. We were staying at Josh Stricker’s house.  It was raining one day, and Vinnie and I just took a walk to the store around the middle of the day.  We were walking through this alleyway and we saw a bum sleeping on a mattress; it was pouring rain out. We didn’t think anything of it; we just thought he was cracked out.  We were walking back, and he’s still in the same spot. We almost couldn’t believe he didn’t get up from it raining so hard.  A few hours go by, and Bob comes walking in after getting a cup of coffee from the store and he says that there tons of cops, barricades, caution tape all around the alleyway.  He talked to one of the cops and he said the guy on the mattress actually had been dead for the last seven hours. Vinnie and me just look at each other; we couldn’t believe on top of everything, we saw a dead body. We were just shaking our heads. Once we loosened up, it was the topic of conversation.

What do you have going on in the next few months?
I’m going to Austin again this week, and then I’m going to Long Beach, CA to stay with the MacNeil guys. Other than that just trying to work when I’m home. Hopefully more trips soon.