Photos: Rob Dolecki

So what have you been up to?
Well, lately me and my friend Jake have been hanging out in the States; we drove across the country and just been riding new places and going back to favorite ones and catching up with mates.

How long have you been in the U.S.?
Eight weeks, I have another week left until I got to leave So nine weeks in total.

What’s the deal with that van you guys were driving?
Ahh, the sheep dog. It’s our mate Mike Corts’ van; he was living in California and moving back east to Ohio. He needed to get his van over here with all his stuff and he was driving his other car and bike. So he said if we drive the van for him and drop off all his gear at his house we could use it while we are here. Worked out perfectly!

KASHWRTH_3The van.

Any stories you want to share about driving from Cali to NJ?
Well, driving the dog is always a good time. It’s got no radio or AC so it got hot around Vegas. At one stage the battery started draining itself. So we would disconnect it when we would turn it off. Then we lost the terminal bolt. So every time we would start it, one person would be behind the wheel while the other would be under the hood holding the terminal on, sparks flying everywhere while the dog coughs until she gets going. People would just stare at us at petrol stations… I remember one time someone shouted something about it being a rape van, and then some lady started taking photos of us and the number plate. It was sketchy. Also, we were in the alleyway outside Mike’s house in Cali when a bum walked past and asked for money; Mike’s neighbor gave him a burger. He kept walking and then took a shit in the alley and then came cruising back past on this lady’s bike. Mikes neighbor realized he had stole the bike of the lady and was telling us to get him. I didn’t know what to do really; I was asking if I was meant to beat him up or what. Anyway I ran and got a bike and John and Dylan followed. We chased this guy for probably five blocks and I pulled up next to him. I didn’t want to fight so I told him to give the bike back and we wouldn’t hurt him; I think he was pretty scared.  So he just locked up and put the bike down, but no one even has brakes so Johnny ended up just plowing straight through the dude and sent him flying, ha, ha; it was really funny. The guy wasn’t hurt and he just kept walking without saying a word. The lady was super psyched we got her bike back. Funniest part was this all happened while Johnny had no shirt on and a Crocodile Dundee hat, ha, ha.

What do you think of the U.S. countryside?
It’s completely beautiful; it’s mind-blowing. This time around, because we finished in Ohio we took a more northern route through the Rocky Mountains, which I always wanted to see and I was completely blown away by how huge they are.


Notice the Edwin grip shifter.

What’s been your favorite spot in the U.S. so far?
The city! New York and Jersey. There’s so much stuff going on and so much different things to ride. That’s where we spent the most of our time, each time I come back I always stay in the city longer and longer.

How was the stay in NJ?
Great! The Ossos took us under their wing which helped us in so many ways, we did lots of cool stuff, off and on the bike.  We even visited the beach! WOW! I’ve never had to pay to get on the beach before. But we rode heaps of spots and some seriously good DIY spots. There is a mag called Weird NJ, which is bizarre ha, ha. I’ve got a copy to take home. NJ was a big part of my trip. It was so good.

KASHWRTH_1Wallride in Kie’s favorite part of the U.S.

Where are you off to next?
We’re flying back to Cali for like 4 or 5 days, then straight to Guangzhou in China. (Kie is on a bullet train somewhere in China now)

Who long will you be in China for?
Around two weeks.

What are your expectations of China?
That it’s going to be amazing! Ha, ha, I’ve been reading on a NY skate site, they’re claiming China has overtaken Barcelona as worlds best place to skate. I’ve been a couple times before to Shanghai so I know it’s completely ridiculous, but now I’m so excited to see the country and ride these different cities.

What’s after that?
After China, it’s back home to Oz to start planning the next trips, which are an East to West Coast mission. We’re going to camp out along the way and ride this huge-ass full pipe called the pothole. And then there’s talk of a few weeks in Europe. So there’s lots of shit I got to do. But I can’t wait ha, ha.

KASHWRTH_5Double peg to hop over.

Kie has some clips in “The Price Is Wrong”, in the OD in Oz trip section starting at 18:14.