What have you been up to?
Working, chillin’, getting ready for the winter.

How are you getting ready for the winter?
Adapting to the cold weather; shit, I don’t know. Getting ready to stay inside.

Not riding?
Ride a little bit.

In the snow?
Yeah, every year. Can’t stop. If you want to ride, you’re going to ride no matter what the weather is.

What would the conditions be where you won’t ride at all?
If it’s windy. Or if there is too much snow on the ground.  If you can ride the streets, then it’s all good.

You just had a part in AM:PM Check, Please.
I think the whole video is real good. Joey (Piazza) did a good job with it. Everyone in the video is real hyped on it.

How did you feel about Joey giving himself the last part?
(Laughter) He deserved it. He put a lot of work into the video. He made the video; like Glenn (Milligan) said, best part about making a video is you can put yourself in it. (Laughter)

How many boroughs did you cover in your part?
Only four this time around. Just didn’t feel like going to Staten Island. Joey went there a bunch. It’s all good.

What happened with your back wheel?  It seemed like you couldn’t ride for a month.
I had a bullshit free coaster for a while, and it shit the bed. I didn’t have a wheel for a couple of weeks, but thanks to Animal and Dah Shop, they got me rolling again.

You went up to the New England Jam Chowda last month.
It was a lot of fun. We went up with two vans as a big-ass group and had the ill crib to stay at.  The jam was fun too.

How many boats did you hit with rocks at the house?
(Laughter) I didn’t hit any, but somebody did, trying to hit me with a rock.

How many people in kayaks did you hit with bottle rockets?
Probably just Hoder.

What do you have going on in the next few months?
Just trying to ride before it gets too cold, and maybe take a trip or something.

Where to?
I don’t know; maybe go real far and go down to Philly or something. (Laughter)

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