What have you been up to?
Riding a whole bunch. Went out to England for eleven days the beginning of May.

What was that for?
It was for an S&M Ride To Glory trip. It was a good trip, but what it was for wasn’t that cool.

Why was that?
Just having to get all these points and shit for stupid, unrealistic tricks I didn’t even want to attempt.  All the people I was with didn’t really give a shit. We made it fun for what it was. I rode a lot of cool shit.

Was that your first time over there?
Yeah, it was my first time anywhere over the water. It was an all right one for the first one.  It could have been better weather-wise and all that other shit.

Typical rainy weather?
I just rained, and shitty food. (Laughter)

Where did you go in the UK?
We flew into Heathrow, then went to Hastings, Scotland, Sheffield, and a couple other places.  There’s a lot of crazy-ass things to ride out there.

How was your Seattle trip last week?
I came out to Seattle for that Animal jam; everyone came out to hang out and ride. We did it at this skatepark. I grew up riding the dirt jumps next to it; I grew up riding that skatepark too.  Edwin came out; that was cool.  It was one of his first times out here. He showed me New York, so I thought I’d show him Seattle in what I could in four or five days.

Max Gaertig came to the jam.
Seeing Max was insane. I haven’t seen him in ten years, since I was a freshman in high school and he was a foreign-exchange student from Germany. He was just learning bunnyhop whips, getting barspins down and shit. I couldn’t do the tricks then either.  We kind of grew up learning to ride in that time he was here, at least in the year that he was here going to school. Right when school started, he came here, and right when it was over he was gone.

How did those scrapes on your face happen?
Second night in Seattle, got in a little scuffle, and got beat up like a hockey player. Got my shirt pulled over my head, and fell on my face.

What do you have going on in the next couple of months?
I may make the move back to the West Coast. Hopefully travel some more; get some trips going.

Where are you trying to go?
I don’t know.  I don’t care; I just want to go somewhere warm and sunny.