11.11.17_NSWHIPS_6What have you been up to lately?
I’ve been good, riding in N.Y.; busy year this year. I went to Australia, Cali a few times. Went to the UK for a couple of days. That was a crazy good time.

Heavy jetlag?
Yeah, it was jetlag for real. It’s just so busy for me; summertime and springtime I was constantly running around taking care of business as far as video, photo shoots and other obligations.  I just finished up
a Gatorade campaign this year, which turned out awesome! Went to Miami, San Francisco, and New Orleans; that was cool.  A few videos for G-Shock as well, which is my newest sponsor.

How did that come about?
I’ve been into G-Shock for a few years now.  I had a friend who was in the right place at the right time and put the word in for me. We got in touch, and they wanted to do something. They sponsored me and we did my first signature watch, which came out dope, and is sold in boutiques all across the world, from Japan, to New York, to California, to London. It’s fantastic. We did a release party in New York; it was dope! All my friends came out, we had a great time.  I did two videos for them, and we’re gearing up to release another video in a few weeks.  It’s been a really busy year; just the way I like it. I like to be on the move, riding my bike, pushing it as much as I possibly can.

How’s the Nigel seat been doing?
The seat is doing well. I got my first pro model part ever from Animal; it’s a good feeling. It meant so much to me. I remember the days when I’d run home from school and watch the first Animal video and Can I Eat? over and over. That was my BMX bible. I still remember my first package from Animal. Shane Rossi sent me a five t-shirts and a video.  I opened up the box on my dining room table, and I tried to explain to my mom how dope it was; she didn’t really get it at the time. But I knew what it was; I was like, “Wow, this is crazy.”  Ralph is so good to me in general; he hooks it up on the BMX side of things, and just life in general.  He’s like a father to me. That’s just awesome to have someone like that around, especially at this point in my life where so many things are coming at me full speed. He gives me advice on things, and is always there for me when I need him. But back to the seat, I sat down with the designers and the seat (came together).  People love it. I was just out in the Dominican Republic and people are rocking the seat.  It’s dope to see it’s reached this far; I know how hard it is to get parts out here. Every time I see it, I get psyched.

How was Dominican Republic round two?
It was awesome. We were back at Ralphy’s dads’ house, hanging out chilling, riding good spots, eating amazing food,  Ralphy, Tyrone, Marlon, Tom, you (Rob), overall good crew. I was so hyped to be in good weather and on my bike.  I just wanted to ride every second. Had no cell phone, on the internet once a day for a few minutes then I’m off.  Not many distractions, so my main focus was riding which was exactly what I wanted.

How was it compared to the last trip earlier this year?
The last trip was dope. This time around I kind of knew what to expect.  It’s still a crazy ride, because anything can happen at any moment; for example the cops can pull you over for no reason at any given moment and ruin your whole day. Luckily we didn’t have too much of that. It’s a different crew this time around, but at the same time I feel like I never left.  We were here nine months ago.  It took a little bit to adjust the first few days, but it was just like we’re chillin’ at my homie’s house again.  It was just an amazing time to say the least; ate more avocados on this trip than I did the whole year.

You went to Granada before DR?
My mom and some of my family members were down there for a light vacation, and I went for a few days without my bike. Got to see my grandparents and some other family members. It’s always good to go back there; strong reminder of my roots. My mom grew up out there. A lot of what she has taught me, she’s learned there, so me going back is very significant. I understand her more and more every time I go back there. I was removed from every day life at home; it helps me balance things out.  I really appreciate friends and family way more than when I was younger.

You mentioned before how you may be working on a new video part?
I’ve been doing a lot of web videos recently, but haven’t worked on a video part since Cuts. I’m working on something now, filming a bunch. I really enjoy filming and having a project to work on.

What are your plans in the immediate future?
Right now we’re wrapping up 2011; it’s crazy to say, but time does fly.

What about the 2012 hype?
I live one day at a time, and appreciate the moment. Whatever happens, happens. I’m planning for next year, setting myself up and getting everything in line.  Got some big plans ahead of me; I might have to shake things up a bit. People might say, “Wow, I didn’t expect that.”  So you guys will just have to wait and see what happens next. I’ll just say I’m looking forward to 2012. #PopAWheelieFresh ALL DAY