What have you been up to lately?
Chillin’, hanging out, riding my bike, having a good time.

Have you been on any trips recently?
Yeah, just came back from the UK Tour the other week; it was a blast.  The dudes at 4Down held it down; it was awesome.

How were the spots?
I enjoyed everything we rode; I have no complaints.

That was your first time in the UK?
Yeah. I feel like London is kinda a bizzaro NY. Everything is reversed, everybody driving on the opposite side of the road.

You got to ride South Bank?
Yeah, finally.  I remember seeing it in skate videos.  I remember one time back in the day a kid at the Banks was trying to tell me they call that spot The Bronx. I was like, “Get out of here man, that’s bullshit.” He’s like, “Yeah, yeah, I’m telling you.” Now that I actually went out there, rode and talked to the locals, and it wasn’t called The Bronx at all.  I knew that motherfucker was lying.

How does South Bank compares to the Brooklyn Banks?
It’s pretty similar. I would say just because it’s banks all around, but it’s a little different.  It compares though; they got a fly-out, ledges, stair set, it even has a right side ledge that went off a stair-set. It was good.

You got a tattoo while in Hastings?
Yeah, Alexis Camburn hooked it up.  I’m so happy with it; it came out exactly the way I wanted. I really thank her a lot for it.  She’s the girlfriend of a legend, James Cox. If you’re ever in the area go see her at Holy Cow.

Why did you get brass knuckles?
I always wanted a pair of brass knuckles since I was a kid.  Growing up, one day when I decide to get a tattoo, I’m getting brass knuckles.

Does it represent anything?
Not really. Kind of growing up in The Bronx, it wasn’t easy. Kind of rough and tough. I always thought it would be a good tattoo.

How about the kids in Liverpool, and the stories you told them?
Yeah, we totally over-exaggerated that to them; it was pretty funny. I got busted up maybe two weeks before the trip; I was involved in a terrible accident coming over the Pulaski Bridge…

What happened?
I’m coming over the bridge; I had to be going 20 or 25 mph. I seen a dude coming at the bottom of the bridge and I was pretty close but he didn’t see me. Instead of merging with the traffic, he just cut me off totally. I hit a green stop sign and flew like a good 20 feet. I got up enraged. Dude was like, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” I was like, “Yo, just don’t talk to me.” It was cool though; he tried to help. I had a cut on my arm. He went to the store and got band-aids, and rubbing alcohol, totally brought the wrong stuff back.

You didn’t put the alcohol on the cut, did you?
Hell no, I threw that shit right back at him, and said “Yo, this is the wrong shit; hell no.” But then he hit me off with like twenty dollars for medical supplies.  I fell on my u-lock, so my hip blew up like six inches. So I told the kids in Liverpool living in the ghetto is rough; kids jump you for no reason, and a gang of hooligans jumped me. I told them people got crazy and ripped open my arm with a knife or something.  They believed it.  The kids kept saying, “Let me see your arm.” Then, “EEWWWW!” “Can I see it again?” “AAGGGH!” I was like, “Yo, enough, man.” They were all right.  I thought they were scheming on the bikes, but they were just chillin’.

How’s summer in the BX been treating you?
Bad and good. Too hot to ride, and too many people in the summer. Everybody wants to come out, so you can’t really ride the stuff you normally want to ride.  I’ve been getting stuff done, so that’s a good thing.

What’s up with the hoodie you modified?
The hoodie is raggedy and old, but I don’t want to get rid of it at all. I like the fit, and it’s going to be hard to get that fit again. I’ve had it so long that it’s falling apart; the zipper doesn’t work. I have to safety pin it closed, but other than that I don’t think I can get rid of it.

What do you have going on in the next few months?
Trying to ride as much as possible, maybe take a few trips, like to Richmond, VA.