What have you been up to?
Living in Richmond, Virginia with my wife Alina and son Nikolai, riding my bike, playing some music, and working three different jobs here and there.

What jobs?
I do brunch deliveries, moving, and recycle for this coffee shop. I play in a band here with the lady that owns the coffee shop; it’s called Whoa.

You playing any shows soon?
We played on the 22nd. We’re doing a cassette tape release, and we’ll have a show for that. We might be going to Philly, and if we do that we’ll probably go to NY. It’s in talk right now.

How’s Richmond been?
Been pretty good; I kind of dig it here. I’m settled in now. When I first moved here it was pretty crazy. It didn’t have that energy happening like New York. I’ve gotten used to it, though. People are pretty friendly, that Southern hospitality. It does exist here. It’s slow-paced, but still a city; it’s a good medium. A lot of dudes ride…

Who do you ride with?
I ride with Neal Hise a lot. He used to live a few blocks from where I live now, so we meet up a bit and ride this parking lot spot. His boss is real cool; he lets him cut out of work for a couple of hours during the day.

How was it riding with Zac Costa before he moved back to Cali?
Oh, man, he’s kind of crazy. (Laughs) One day in the summer he was doing a bunch of crazy shit all day. I never saw anyone drink, and still ride all day.

How do you like the spots there?
The spots are good. If you’re in the mood to film something, you can definitely do everything. But there’s no real session spot where you can go with a group of people and warm up on.  It kind of makes it tough if you want to just go out and cruise around. We always end up riding the same thing on a daily basis, instead of having this kind of spot here, another kind there, where we can all just chill and ride. Besides that, there are plenty of setups. New York spots are better if you want to do a line; it’s kind of different here. You need to really look for your spots here. You can go in any alley or someone’s yard and find something.

Any plans in the near future?
The other day I heard Crandall talking about a trip on the 17th. I think (Rob) Tibbs was thinking of going too; that could be a fun time. Besides that, don’t have any plans. I definitely need to get out of Richmond right now, though (Laughs).  I was leaving about twice a month, and I’ve been here solid for the last four months.

You’re planning on moving back to NYC?
Yeah, once the wife gets done with school. She’s in a Grad program, and will be done about July. Around that time I’ll be scouting work up there, and I got to find a good daycare school for Nikolai; that’s the most important thing, because it’s so expensive. Hopefully by the end of summer we’ll be rolling and back there.

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