What have you been up to?
Riding out on the East Coast with the Animal dudes.

How long have you been in New Jersey and Philadelphia for?
I think for about a month now.

Crankflip in Jersey.

How has Philly been treating you?
Pretty good; there’s a lot of stuff to ride here.

How was your trip to Raleigh, North Carolina last week? Who did you go with?
We went with Van Homan and Randy Brown. We got to ride some full pipes, and we saw Leigh Ramsdell and Mark Losey. But it was real hot; then the last day it cooled down. It was pretty fun.

Mid-line in Raleigh.

You witnessed Van Homan breaking his leg on that trip.
Yeah, it didn’t look like anything happened (when he fell), but then he said he broke his leg bad.

How much of a maze was the hospital Van was staying at?
Yeah, the hospital he was at was confusing.

Do you still have a blog?
No, not anymore.

Why did you stop doing it?
Blogging was fun for a while, but then it just seemed pointless and retarded. But what’s good is bagels with cream cheese, riding street on the East Coast, coffee and apples.

What about music? What have you been listening to?
I bought some tapes for my trip out and I got this Lee Perry and the Upsetters tape that I like a lot.

You put out a few new edits over the past few months, all based in Columbus; how do you keep finding new stuff to ride there?
Yeah, I put out three. I just keep pedaling around finding new stuff, and some of the spots I already knew about and went back to them.

Any new edits in the works?
Not really, but when I leave here I might go do one for Empire and then if I have any time at home I will probably make another one myself, and then I’m going to do another one this fall in Columbus with that guy that made the last one again, I think.

Got any plans for the rest of the summer?
I’m going to keep riding out here and maybe go up to Boston, then we might go do a demo in Ohio, and then I might go to Texas.