Photo: Dolecki

So what have you been up to?
Umm… shit, I don’t know. Walking the dogs, changing diapers.

You were on the Japan trip in November; how was it for you?
It was good. I didn’t ride much for a while before that, so I was a little worried when going. There was a ton of good shit. It’s usually a switch for me (not having home responsibilities on a trip), and just riding and do nothing else.

Japan Trip/ QSS 6 Promo.

How did you like the Japan section in QSS 6?
It was definitely good. It was the most productive trip I’ve had in a while. Rode a bunch at nighttime. Definitely made the most of it while I was out there.

QSS 6.

The hop into the slide; how did you like the ride down the slide?
It was way scarier than I what I thought it was going to be. I didn’t think I would be bouncing back and forth, or as fast as it was. I definitely wouldn’t do it again, even if my foot blew off; it was that scary. The cops rolled up when I did it, so I couldn’t have anyway.

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You went to California a few times during the winter months.
Yeah, went to L.A. I hadn’t been there since I left FIT in like 2010. It was good to chill with Boy and the crew.

How was the street jam?
It was good; we want to some good local spots, not any secret spots or anything.

Ride’s L.A. Street Jam edit.

Are there any secret spots left in L.A.?
I don’t know, I guess not. It was good turnout. Kids were awesome; everyone was killing it.

What have you been doing since you got back home?
Haven’t really been riding until last week. This past week’s been really good; weather’s been nice.

Philly action last week.

Word on the streets is there is a TWW tire promo in the works.
Other than a new Animal project, I don’t really have anything in the works to film for. I never really did a promo for my tire; it’s going to be more comical than crazy clips. It’s not going to be the typical tire promo. I got all the riding clips, now I just got to do the non-riding clips.

That’s the hard part.
Yeah; I can’t leak any information. Give it until the middle of the summer before it’s released.

Got anything else going on in the next few months?
The van is open, so I’m going to use it do a bunch of trips to DC and Baltimore, that area. The Chinatown bus is running again- that shit hasn’t been running for over a year- I’ll do some trips up to New York City.