So what have you been up to?
A whole bunch of nothing.  It’s been real cold, and there’s not too many people to ride with. Wiz and Dave are both busy with work all the time. I went on a trip last month to Virginia for two days to ride with Wormz; before that I wasn’t riding much because I got hurt in the summer.  I recently had a baby boy; he’s three months old now.  For the past five months I’ve been pretty much staying around Philly for my girl and the baby.

Nathan White.

How is it being a dad?
It’s good. It’s easy for now. Thank God I haven’t had any problems with him getting sick or anything.  He sleeps good through the night. He sits next to me all day watching The First 48; that’s what we watch pretty much every day. It’s at the perfect time now too, since it’s the winter and not much riding is getting done anyway.

How was the trip to Richmond last month?
It was good; it was a spontaneous trip. You (Rob) mentioned you were going down there; figured I go ride with Wormz and warm up. I like it down there.

You were collecting some random metal scraps in Richmond; what’s the deal with that?
I went to an island down near Mexico with my girl for vacation, and we were walking through town, and I saw this small sculpture that was a tank. It was a bunch of junk welded together but made to look like a tank.  I spent three hundred bucks on the tank and a train. I was inspired by these things, and I’ve been going to junkyards and finding gears and chains and stuff and keep it.  When we went to Richmond, half the time I was riding around parking lots looking for bolts and stuff. Now I have a big trashcan filled of it. When I get some spare time I’m going to weld it all together, then I’m going to start selling this shit, so eventually everyone can buy my shit because it’s going to be nice art. (Laughter)

You happy with your Skavenger part?
I like how it came out. I didn’t know there was a deadline; it could have been next year. I didn’t get to film much this summer. I’m happy with it, just going to film more stuff for Animal; try to get a solid part.  I had a problem with my Cuts part; before I could do everything that I wanted to film near the deadline, I blew my knee out.

Skavenger 2012 full vid.

You going back to any of that stuff you wanted to do for Cuts that you didn’t get to?
I would, if I can do that stuff now. There’s probably bunch of things I’ll go back to that I’ll think is way crazier now. I’ll probably just have to get back into it a little more. Sometimes I’ll get that feeling where I’ll do anything.

Tom in Cuts.

You found out last year you are diabetic.
About six or seven months ago I found out I was diabetic. I didn’t even know what a diabetic was. I believe it was Jeff Z. that actually said it to me as a joke, because I was drinking like seven gallons of water a day, and I’d piss thirty times a day. My cuts weren’t healing; I was tired all the time, just not a lot of energy.  I went to the doctor, and my blood sugar was like 600 and it’s supposed to be between 90 and 130.  I was a full-blown Type I Diabetic. That type is genetic. It’s weird because you usually find out when you’re a kid. I got to take two shots of insulin a day, no matter what.  If I don’t, my blood sugar will go too high. I’m getting used it, it’s pretty normal now.  It’s just a pain in the ass finding something good to eat, with the non-sugar shit; I used to love that.

No candy now, huh?
I’ll eat a little candy, like Ratkid will come by with some and I’ll break one Peanut Chew in half.

When is your Skavenger frame coming out?
It should be out late March.  It’s designed as an all-around frame; I can get used to anything.

What do you go going on in the next few months?
I’m going to Austin tomorrow (Wednesday) with Edwin and Hoder for five days.  Then I get back for a week, and go out to California with Belcher for a week and chill with Pat Wang.