Frame: Skavenger El Blanco Loco, 21” TT

Fork: Skavenger Flat Iron

Bars: Skavenger Dave Belcher signature Action

Grips: Animal Edwin flangeless

Bar Ends: Animal Plastic

Stem: Animal MR prototype

Seat: Animal Nigel

Seat Post: Animal micro wedge

Cranks: Animal Akimbo

BB: Animal

Sprocket: Animal Sprocky Balboa

Pedals: Animal BPE

Wheels: Animal Javelin hubs with Animal RS rims, 9t driver

Front Tire: Animal MTT Kevlar prototype, 2.1

Rear Tire: Animal TWW R, 2.1

Pegs: Animal lite 4″

Modifications: Fresh custom paint job.


What prototype action are you running? The MTT Kevlar tire, and the MR stem.

Favorite part: I’d say my pegs, because I’d be lost without them.

Newest part: Back wheel; so smooth.

Oldest part: Sprocket; thanks to Vinnie Sammon for providing a long-lasting, durable sprocket.

Last time your bike saw the rain: I usually bring my bike inside, but there have been plenty of times I got stuck in the rain.

Last time your pegs experienced a grind: Yesterday.

Last time you cleaned your bike: Never.

Last time you painted your bike: January 18th.

Farthest place this bike has been to: California.

Most notorious scratch: Probably my down tube from hanger fails.

Dave’s part in Skavenger 2012