Frame: Ene Ene Bikes 20.5″ TT
Fork: Skavenger Flat Iron
Bars: Animal Big Four
Grips: Animal Edwin flangeless
Bar Ends: Animal Plastic
Stem: Animal MR Front Load
Headset: Animal
Seat: Animal Broadway
Cranks: Animal Akimbo
Sprocket: Animal V3, 26t
Pedals: Animal BPE
Wheels: Animal RS Rims laced to Animal Javelin Hubs, LHD, 9T. Front wheel originally owned by Jared Washington, still working perfect.
Tires: Animal TWW 2.20
Pegs: Animal Lino OG 4.5″

grindPhoto: Juan Pablo Moura

Newest part: The frame that was custom made by Rodrigo at Ene Ene Bikes about one month ago.


Oldest part: Pegs, almost 2 years now; I got a new set but don’t really need them yet.


What’s the farthest place this bike has been to: New York.

Best spot this bike has ridden: Cruising around any city at night, and some non-waxed ledge; love that sound.


Last time your bike saw rain: About one week ago, I think.

Favorite part: Pegs.


polePhoto: Diego Parisi

hipPhoto: Diego Parisi

entrarPhoto: Gabriel Herbotte

Kiko and the Over It Crew’s trips to NYC and Colombia.