Frame: Federal Washington

Bars: Animal Presidential

Grips: Animal Edwin

Stem:  Animal MR top load

Headset: Animal

Seat Post: Animal pivotal

Cranks: Animal Akimbo

Bottom Bracket: Animal

Sprocket: Animal (more info to come)  28t

Pedals: Animal BPE

Wheels: Animal Javelin with RS rim,  9t driver

Front Tire: Animal MTT 2.35

Rear Tire: Animal TWW 2.20

Pegs: Animal Butcher


Modifications: I had Tom Espo from Espos powder coating in Staten Island do my frame and fork. I cut my bars down a little because I felt like my barspins were going around too slow. I have a female axle in my rear hub. Polished the MR stem and seat post.

What prototype action are you running? Sprocket and hub guard sleeve.


Favorite part: The handlebars and the Butcher pegs with no sleeves.


Newest part: Front wheel.

What parts are still the same from your last bike check? Cranks, back hub, pegs, stem, headset and seat post are all over a year old.


Last time your bike saw the rain:  First failed Philly Street Jam.


Last time your pegs experienced a grind: 8/25/2013.

Last time you cleaned your bike: Never.

Farthest place this bike has been to: Shanghai, China.


How many times has this bike been to Sayreville skatepark? Probably 50.


Best spot this bike has been ridden on?  Black rails.

Most notorious scratch? Bottom of the right crank arm.


Watch Jared’s part again in “The Price Is Wrong”.