JK_WHIPS_2013_9Frame: MacNeil, 20.75 TT

Fork: You’ll have to wait for more info

Grips: Animal Edwin flangeless

Bar ends: Animal Plastic

Stem: Animal MR

Headset: Animal

Seat Post: Animal Pivotal

Cranks: Animal Akimbo

Bottom Bracket: Animal PC

Sprocket: More info to come

Pedals: Animal BPE

Wheels: Animal RS Rims, More info on the way about the hubs

Front Tire: Animal MTT  2.35″

Rear Tire: Animal TWW 2.25″

Rear Hub Guard: More info to come

Axle Nuts: Animal

Pegs: Animal Lino G


What prototype action are you running? Forks, hubs, sprocket, hub guard.


Favorite part: Sprocket.


Newest part: Frame.

Oldest part: Jared seat that I refuse to take off.


Tire PSI: 80-85.

Why the mint green frame color? I’ve been riding black frames for so long, I decided to switch it up. I thought about a mint green frame with all black parts and it got me excited.


Last time your pegs experienced a grind: Memorial Day, with George D., Lugo, and Javier at Somerville.

Last time you cleaned your bike: I can’t remember.


Farthest place this bike has been to: Connecticut (for Shop tour and Death Of Winter Jam)

Most notorious scratch: Outside of front hub.


Lil’ Jeff  fuego all over “The Price Is Wrong”. Actual bike used in the making of this video at 21:15.