Frame: Skavenger El Blanco Loco, 21″

Fork: Animal Barrett

Bars: 90East Storrow 8.25

Grips: Animal Edwin

Bar ends: Animal

Stem: Animal Jumpoff Remix

Headset: Animal

Seat: Animal Nigel

Seat Post: Animal

Clamp: Animal

Cranks: Animal Akimbo prototype

Bottom Bracket: Animal

Sprocket: Animal Spline Drive Prototype 25t

Pedals: Animal BPE Prototype

Rear Wheel: Animal RS Rim w/ Animal Javelin prototype

Front Wheel: Animal RS Rim w/ Animal Javelin prototype (original design)

Front Tire: Animal GLH, 2.25″

Rear Tire: Animal GLH, 2.10″

Pegs: Animal LinOG 4.5″

Modifications: Some flat black spray paint.

What prototype action are you running? The front hub is the original design for the Javelin. The rear hub is also a first version prototype, as well as the crank and sprocket. I like to run stuff as long as possible. If I’m still running the prototype years later without any problems then you know the production version will last. Also, the pedals are the BPE prototypes, which I’m excited about. They have a nice large platform and feel better than a lot of other pedals that flex.

Favorite part: Pegs. I can’t live without them.

Newest part: The bars. They are the first version of our 90East Storrow bars which were just released.

Oldest part: Front hub; it’s inside-laced and at least 3 years old without a single broken spoke.

Tire PSI: 80 or higher; I like to be able to roll far and not worry about pinch flats.

Last time your bike saw the rain: Yesterday.

Last time your pegs experienced a grind: Today.

Last time you cleaned your bike: Never.

Farthest place this bike has been to: Rockland, MA.

Most notorious scratch: The frame is new so theres no notable scratches yet but I’m sure that will change soon.